Almond oil has vitamins A, B, and E, in addition to proteins, fats, and minerals. Having all these nutrients and placing them on the skin, hair or nails helps them to hydrate, prevents dryness, damage and helps create a protective layer against damage.

Sweet almond oil is the most widely used for hair. It is perfect if you want to eliminate dandruff, prevent hair loss because it penetrates the scalp giving it strength and helps to clean the scalp, but giving essential oil so that it does not dry out or you have a lot of sensitivity.

If you have damaged hair, due to dyes, the sun, a hormonal problem or due to excessive use of heat products, find out how it can help you and what damage to the hair it can solve.

1. What damage can you repair?

Split ends and lack of shine

Almond oil for hair can repair split ends, because thanks to its vitamins and fatty acids prevent hair from being severely damaged and prevents it from breaking because it makes it more resistant with use prolonged almond oil. It is perfect so that your hair does not chop every time you brush or comb it.

2. Prevents your hair from being dry, it gives you deep hydration

If you notice very dry and even frizzy hair, applying sweet almond oil helps give it fatty acids, so that it can regain the shine it has lost. If you have oily hair, but dry ends only apply from medium to ends. Will give extreme nutrition so that the hair is no longer dry or damaged.

3. Say goodbye to fine and thin hair, it makes it thicker

Almond oil helps your hair increase its thickness and with this it is not weakened by free radicals or by the excessive use of heat products. Almond oil makes each hair much stronger. It is also perfect for prevent hair lossBecause doing more resists your hair prevents it from falling out excessively.

4. How to apply almond oil?

If you want to apply as a serum and repair split ends, place a few drops in your hand, apply to the hair and brush all your hair. But, if you want a higher concentration of almond oil and for more time is to wet your hair, then heat a little almond oil and place it all over your hair, put on a bathing cap and leave it on for about 15 minutes or overnight if you want and then rinse. This is one repairing mask, At least do it once a week if your hair is badly damaged.