Groupon offers a wide variety of coupons that you can use when shopping online or in stores

If you are fascinated by finding discounts and coupons to maximize your savings and not overspend, Groupon can help you. Groupon is a website that allows you to find the best deals on restaurants and shops, easily.

In order to get the most out of Groupon, you should consider the following tips:

1. Find the featured coupons of the day

Before you go shopping you should evaluate the coupons of the day, to see if one offers you great discounts. Remember, you should only buy what you really need and not use coupons as an excuse to buy, since this way you will spend your money effectively.

Groupon currently has more than 43 featured coupons to buy household items, clothes, restaurants and services. It is important that before using a coupon, you compare the regular price of the product or service, to ensure that it really is a good offer. Since many times companies can inflate the regular price of the product to make the offer more attractive.

2. Combine multiple coupons

An effective way to save a lot of money on purchases is to combine the coupons that Groupon offers with the discounts or coupons that the stores offer. Stores don’t always allow you to combine coupons to save money, it all depends on the offer. However, if you have multiple coupons you should always ask the cashier if you can combine them.

3. Look for discounts in the clearance section

Groupon allows you to search for discounts for products that are on sale. Because of this, you should visit the section of settlement from Groupon and look for the best specials and discounts. For example, in this section you can find many articles of recognized brands at a reduced price. Currently, you can find in Groupon a set of pots copper at 40% discount.

4. You can search for Groupon codes or coupons on other platforms

To effectively find good discounts, you can use other websites such as CouponCabin Y DealCatcher. For example CouponCabin allows you, in some cases, to combine the coupons of the stores with those of Groupon to save more money. Even using other platforms is a good way to compare coupons and choose the most convenient ones.

You can also use the Groupon application that is available in the App Store and in Google play, in order to receive alerts when there are new offers in certain categories.