The hair reflects the care you give her …

When we are over 40 years old, both men and women begin to notice that the hair is getting thinner, weaker and begins to fall more frequently. This occurs as a consequence of many factors, but especially due to the lack of vitamins in our body, and the lack of production of certain elements that our body needs.

If you are over 40 or close to reaching this age, it is very important to start take care of your hair and scalp more closely so that the years do not fall on you and your hair still reflects life and health. Look at some of the products you can use:

1. Serum B Radiant:

If you have dry, short and brittle hair, this gel textured serum should be put on your scalp. Control hair loss, prevent baldness and stimulate hair growth while creating volume, leaving your hair radiant, strong, soft and silky.

You do not need to rinse the serum just put and let it act. This serum It is a product that can be used by men and women with any type of hair. Its price of $ 19 dollars is ideal for any type of budget.

2. Phyto – Botanical Revitalization Ampoule:

This advanced formula It supports the natural microcirculation of the scalp to create an optimal environment for new hair growth. Phytocyane Revitalizing Treatment Serum is enriched with essential nutrients: sugary amino acids, vitamins and proteins.

Since 1965, PHYTO has been the story of two passions: hair and plants. Patrick Ales believes that plants are the safest and most effective way to achieve healthy hair. The brand creates full, strong hair with an incredibly beautiful body.

3. Shampoo and conditioner set Rachelle Parker’s Apple Cider Vinegar:

Sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner for oily and damaged hair. Shampoo and conditioner combo pack to reduce dandruff, frizz, and split ends.

This apple cider vinegar shampoo It has a pH similar to that of the skin and hair. Due to its antimicrobial, anti-yeast and anti-fungal properties, apple cider vinegar helps cleanse bacteria and other organisms from the hair. It even helps prevent dandruff. The vitamin E it contains promotes blood circulation and acts as a deep moisturizer for the hair, preventing breakage and brittle hair. Vitamin E is also known to protect your hair from the sun and other elements.