Strengthens your hair for more thickness and strength.

If you notice that your hair is weaker, falls more than normal or you have many split ends, you certainly need products to to strengthen your hair. Ideally, look for important ingredients so they can nourish your hair from the roots. Some elements that help to have strong hair are argan, honey, yogurt, avocado and many types of nuts.

1. Use a shampoo with ingredients that give nutrients to your hair to make it stronger

This shampoo is in charge of repairing the damages of all your hair and helps to strengthen your scalp to give greater protection to your hair. The ingredients of this shampoo are ginger and honeyThey are 2 components that can give double protection against damage and take care of the moisture in your hair.

A paraben free product that strengthens, revitalizes and makes your hair have a thickness greater with its continuous use. The important thing is that it can be used by any type of hair.

2. A conditioner that restores your hair and prevents dry hair

A conditioner is essential and not because it detangles your hair, but because it provides nutrients, reduces dryness, restores the root and tips, helps you not lose the color of your hair if you have dyed it, also helps to speed up the drying time and that your hairstyle is intact.

It is a conditioner that you can leave and does not require rinsing. You just have to spread it all over your hair. It can be used by any hair type and there are 2 different presentations.

3. Protection and moisture to strengthen your hair using a mask

A hair mask is to give double protection and moisture to your weak hair, it helps a lot to strengthen your hair, because with the protein of yogurt, prebiotics, quinoa and a mixture of 6 oils they help remove the brittle and make it more resistant to future damage. Oils always give moisture and essential nutrients to your hair to strengthen it.

This mask repairs hair from the inside out, it also has a rich aroma. It has 2 cans with a mask, you only need little product to cover your hair, from means to ends. It is recommended to use 2 times a week.