Times of heat and hot flashes, how to survive.

In times of heat during menopause, they can be hell, so that this does not happen we give you recommendations so you can avoid them and control hot flashes and hot flashes. An important recommendation is to eliminate the total consumption of caffeine, wear light clothes and don’t neglect your skin, It can easily dehydrate and feel stiff.

1. Refresh with a mist at any time:

With hot flashes and the weather you can sweat more than you should, you will want to take a shower every hour, but to cool off immediately use thermal water. You can apply it in any part of your body and can be used if you have very sensitive skin. Just apply the mist on your face and let it dry, you will notice how it refreshes instantly.

Thermal water helps soothe irritations, burns slight and even fix the makeup. It can be applied as many times as you need. There are different presentations, this is small to carry in your bag.

2. You need more electrolytes and more hydration:

During times of heat you need more hydration and more electrolytes. Coconut water is perfect for you to double hydrate of what water gives you. This is an extract that you can take anywhere. You just need to put a few drops in your water and that’s it. You will save a little instead of buying coconut water in containers.

It is free of calories and sugar, so do not be afraid to gain a few extra kilos when taking it. Add some ice to feel better and without so much heat. You can even consume at night.

3. A supplement that helps you calm hot flashes:

You definitely need to resort to a supplement or product that helps reduce hot flashes. These pills can control up to 70% hot flashes. You must take one capsule in the morning, the results can be seen from the fourth week. Do not consume caffeine, this can affect the sleep cycle, mood and even give you more hot flashes.

You can also use other creams for greater effectiveness. Using these 3 products together will help you to survive in hot weather. The most important thing is that you hydrate more than you should. Are you capsules have 65% satisfaction.