Thicken hair in 3 steps.

If you have weak, very thin hair or even hair loss is occurring. There are certain ingredients and nutrients that serve to strengthen the hair and manage to thicken it from the roots. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, as this is a treatment to strengthen hair at any age and in any type of hair. Thickening hair will help prevent hair loss, breakage, and elasticity.

1. Massage the scalp to promote blood circulation

Improving scalp circulation promotes healthy, strong hair and even helps it grow. Well, this scalp massager should be used all over your head, so that blood circulation improves and with this the hair is not weak, but can improve its structure in hair follicles.

This massager brush has 3 types of brushes, it has one for massage and the other to be able to exfoliate the scalp. Remember to be very gentle, because putting too much force can break the hair and damage it. This brush It also serves to massage your body.

2. Use a nutrient-rich shampoo to stimulate hair growth and thickening

If you have weak hair it can easily fall out, castor oil helps to strengthen hair follicles, cleans without being abrasive and helps hair to be more resistant to falling. Castor oil can thicken hair in both men and women. A shampoo will help the hair gradually thicken and even nourish it so that it is not damaged or parched.

Can be used if you have dyed your hair, it is totally safe. Castor oil can be heavy if you have oily hair, so if it is your case, try to alternate its use with another shampoo so that you get the benefits of castor oil.

3. Apply a serum to prevent hair loss and can strengthen it

A hair serum contains active ingredients in higher concentrations, as it promotes hair growth and with this strengthens the hair follicle and it is possible to thicken the hair from the roots. This serum is excellent hair strengthening treatment, Well, you can put a few drops in your shampoo or apply it directly to your scalp. If you have weak hair, it is important to nourish it from the roots so that it does not break and fall.

One of the ingredients is vitamin E, ginseng, black sesame, ginger among others. This hair serum will help strengthen weak hair and prevent hair loss.