A natural ingredient with excellent properties for the stomach.

Apple cider vinegar has great benefits: it helps your hair grow, it detoxifies your scalp, it controls blood sugar levels and, believe it or not, it relieves nausea, digestive problems, bloating, and controls intestinal gas. We give you these shots that will make you forget the uncomfortable gases and your abdomen will not bulge. It is recommended that you consume them on an empty stomach so that it works all day in your body.

1. Vermont Village: no intestinal gas throughout the day

This shot will protect your immune system by preventing you from having a cold or a cold at any time of the year. Drinking it helps your digestive system to work correctly and thus with the food you eat do not cause gases or abdominal inflammation. Apple cider vinegar can taste very strong, but these contain turmeric and honey so flavor is not an issue.

If it is your first time consuming apple cider vinegar, the first week you can combine it with water and drink. There are 12 shots that will help you not to have intestinal gases.

2. Fire Cider: detoxify your urinary tract

Apple cider vinegar detoxifies the liver and cleanses the urinary tract making it ideal if you took a lot of medications, were sick to your stomach or want to give it a detox to your body soon. This apple cider vinegar is for drinking in shots, it contains ginger, radish, lemon, orange, turmeric and pepper.

You can drink a shot or a tablespoon fasting. Its flavor may be strong, but your stomach assimilated it very well. It will also serve you for cooking, teas, dressings and more.

3. Ginger Shots: gives you energy and improves your digestion throughout the day

If you want an energy boost in the morning this shot has ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar that together cleanse your body, They protect your immune system and prevent gas from forming in your stomach and causing pain or inflammation. Always consume it on an empty stomach so that your digestive system assimilates it and can work better no matter what foods you eat during the day.

When purchasing these shots, store them in the refrigerator right away. They have a very fresh flavor that will leave you very good taste of mouth. There are 12 shots that you can divide into 2 weeks or up to a month.