The best sound quality!

Do you want to enjoy the best sound with your Echo speaker? With this product you can add great sound to any Echo speaker you have at home, to listen to your favorite music at full volume. Echo Sub It has a power of 100W with a subwoofer Of 6″. This device is compatible with Echo Studio, Echo Dot third generation, Echo third generation, Echo second generation and Echo Plus second generation.

It is very easy to install, you just have to connect it to the electrical current and use the Alexa application to connect Echo Sub to your Echo speaker. This accessory is 8.3 ”in diameter and 8” tall, with a total weight of 9.3 lbs.

Its design is very simple and it is only available in black, to adapt to any space. You can connect it to only one Echo speaker or two, to achieve a immersive sound in any room in the house. However, the Echo Sub cannot be part of a larger group of Echo speakers.

This product of Amazon have less than $ 150 and it is well valued by customers, with more than 2,000 reviews. Customers mention that it adds a lot of quality and bass to the sound of their Echo, although they warn that installation can be a bit difficult and that it is not recommended for people who have more than 2 Echo and want to listen to music on all of them.