Make up your eyes like a professional in just minutes.

Our look It is one of our main cover letters, and that is why we must always highlight it. Not all of us have big eyes or long eyelashes, but the makeup always helps. So if you are looking for the best way to highlight your look like a professional in a few steps, here we show you the 3 basic that you cannot miss:

1. AFU: 16-tone shadow set

The shadow set has been created with high quality ingredients and it gives you 16 colors in total, distributed in matt, metallic and satin tones. Suitable for all skin types.

Cold and warm tones in a single case, it is the best that this set has to give you. They have excellent staying power and mixing capacity. With the set you can achieve a makeup smoked, natural, dramatic, wedding, party or daily.

2. Lovoir: easy to apply liquid liner

Based on a vegan formula, the liquid eyeliner comes with 2 pens in the same package. Not tested on animals.

It gives you water resistance, long life and three different thicknesses. With it you will have the possibility to make any outline you like, such as the cat eye or cat’s eye, Pin up, Greek, double, etc.

3. Lancome: rose cell mascara

The mascara is formulated with a rose cell extract And the curve of the wand mixes the mask with each open twist, allowing the formula to stay fresh longer. On the other hand, the bristles of the brush are designed with long-lasting flexible polymers.

Provides you with a length, elevation and volume exceptional in all your eyelashes. And while it shapes your look, the mask nourishes and softens your lashes.