There are many different ways to install an Echo Dot in a space.

If you use the assistant Amazon Alexa surely you have a Echo Dot somewhere in the house. It is one of the most functional and aesthetic speakers in the Echo family, which we talked about in another guide on the page. Although you can simply put it on a table, there are several accessories that allow you to install it on walls and desks in a more modern and organized way.

1. Matone

With this support for Echo Dot you can always have it carrying a stylish accessory. To forget about disorganized cables, you can opt for this matone accessory what keeps you Echo Dot and its organized cable, in any space of your house. It is a product available in white or black, to adapt to the color of your room or Echo Dot.

This is the best-selling accessory on the list, with a price of $ 10.99. It is also one of the best rated, in Amazon Clients highlight the quality of its material and that it allows the speaker to be used without complications. This is an ideal product for solving speaker load in a stylish way.

2. Blulu

If you want to free up your table, desk or shelf, you can mount your Echo Dot to the wall with this Blulu accessory. It is a support that adheres to the wall using a double-sided adhesive and allows the insertion of the Echo Dot from the top.

Made of metal and available in two colors, this is the cheapest product on the list, with a price of $ 7.99. In Amazon, customers highlight its functionality, without blocking the speaker. It is ideal to install your Echo Dot anywhere, without taking up space in your furniture.

3. Trennela

With the Trenela accessory, you can also place your Echo Dot on any wall, without having to make holes as it includes a double-sided adhesive. This accessory focuses on the possibility of charging your device while it is inside the holder, which helps you organize cables in your space.

East Trenela product is priced at $ 9.99 and it is one of the best valued products in Amazon. Customers claim that it is very easy to use and that it is very useful to free up space on kitchen or bathroom countertops, for example. It is available in white or black, to suit your speaker or space.

4. Trennela

If you want to keep your Echo Dot on the table or desk, but in style, then the Trenela support is for you. In addition to giving your speaker more style, this stand gives more direct access to the microphones and buttons, which are on top of the Echo Dot. It also allows you to charge it without showing the cable, giving a cleaner look to your spaces.

The Trenela accessory It is the best rated in the guide, with 4.7 stars in Amazon and a price of $ 9.99. Customers claim that it is a quality stand, which makes using the Echo Dot easier as they can more easily access the buttons and the sound is enhanced by the shape of the accessory. Available in black or white, the Trenela support gives an elegant look to any environment.

5. Cinolink

East cinolink accessory It also offers a very elegant option of having your Echo Dot on a table or desk. Available in 3 different colors and made of plastic, this support is easy to use, since the speaker is placed at the top. It’s also great for charging your device in style, organizing your cables.

With a price of $ 9.98, East cinolink accessory It offers minimalist support, which increases the functionality of your Echo Dot by giving you better access to buttons and microphones. In Amazon, customers say that it is an ideal product to keep your Echo Dot upright, saving space, and also facilitating its loading.