If you are fond of cell phone photos, this article is for you.

The mobile phones They are the most popular and widely used devices par excellence today. In addition to being connected, they allow us to connect through multiple applications, surf the Internet, access our social networks and of course, take photos that allow us to keep memories of our experiences.

In this sense, the type of camera Having a phone is an element to consider when purchasing it. We can find many available, but occasionally we will review two excellent options on phones that also have a great camera.

First we find the iPhone XS, which is a mobile phone with dual 12MP cameras with double OIS and 7MP real depth front camera. Additionally, this front camera has the portrait mode function and the lighting so that your portraits are perfect even if you are in a place with little light.

Furthermore, we have the Samsung galaxy S9 that allows you to capture photos like a pro. With Pro Mode you can manually adjust the camera settings to make each shot look professional. It has an F2.4 – F1.5 dual-aperture lens that adjusts to let in more light when needed, allowing you to capture the right amount of light day or night. The F1.5 rear camera lens has dual aperture, captures 4x frames per second so you can slow down reality and enjoy every frame.

Each of these phones allows you to capture high quality photographs and with settings similar to those of a professional camera. In addition to being connected, you have the possibility to capture images with excellent quality and resolution. Both options are excellent, but so you can decide which one fits and is the best for you, we show you both phones in greater detail and specifications.

iPhone XS

It has an 8-inch Super Retina screen with HDR, it is waterproof at a maximum depth of 1 meter and for a time not exceeding 30 minutes. It is also dust resistant.

Its Face ID of secure identification allows you to protect your information and content. You can load it so wireless with Qi chargers. He offers you iOS 12 with Emojis, Screen Time and Group Face Time.

2. Samsung Galaxy S9


It has a infinite screen Edge-to-edge immersive that enhances your entertainment experience. Withstands splashes, spills and rain so you can take a dip without worry.

Includes an internal memory of 64GB that you can expand up to 400GB. Its technology allows you to fast wireless charging that avoids cables and you only have to turn it on in a fast wireless charger.

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