On Airbnb you can rent rooms from $ 10 a night.

According to data obtained by Statista, a portal dedicated to conducting research, renting a room is much cheaper on Airbnb than in a hotel.

Because according to research, renting a room on Airbnb for one night could save $ 119 to $ 127, because the cost of a hotel room is more expensive.

For example, on average in New York City renting a room on Airbnb can cost $ 187, while a hotel $ 306, according to Statista. Because of this, renting a room on Airbnb instead of a hotel could save you approximately $ 119.

Likewise, the study reveals that renting a room on Airbnb in Tokyo, Sydney, London, Toronto, Paris, Moscow and Berlin is much cheaper than renting a hotel room. In the case of Tokyo, an Airbnb room can cost an average of $ 93 a night, while a hotel room can cost $ 220 a night.

What are the cheap rents that Airbnb has right now?

Colosseum Loft in Rome for $ 88 a night

If you want to visit the city of Rome, on Airbnb you can find apartments or “loft” for $ 88 a night, like the Colosseum Loft. This apartment has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 3 people. According to Airbnb, guests have indicated that this apartment is immaculate and have rated the location where it is located with 5 stars.

Luxurious Apartment in Barcelona for $ 82 a night

In Barcelona you can rent a number of rooms at a low price, even now you can rent a luxurious apartment for $ 82 a night. The apartment can accommodate up to 3 guests, since it has a bedroom and a bathroom.

3. One-storey chalet in Los Angeles for $ 99 a night

You can rent in the city of Los Angeles a chalet 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 2 beds for $ 99 a night. Up to 4 people can be accommodated in the chalet and it is located between Downtown Los Angeles and South Pasadena.

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