Discover the accessories that will support your practice

If among your intentions at the beginning of the year is going to drink Yoga classesBut you are a little intimidated by not knowing what to take, what to do or what to expect once you get there, calm that the experience can be much more pleasant than you expect.

First of all remember that, like everything, When you start something new and different, it is normal that you are a little lost. That is not the excuse not to return, little by little you will get used to the rhythm and postures. As a yoga teacher I can tell you that it is great that you let us know that it is your first time practicing, in this way the teacher can be aware, correct you and support you.

Second, you don’t have to do everything perfect or pretend to be super flexible in your first class. We do yoga precisely to obtain flexibility, not only in the body but in our mind and in our breathing. So take it easy, don’t force your postures and enjoy the experience of connecting with your body, your mind and your being.

Third, lean on the help accessories we have so that you can gradually experience postures. Usually in studios there are accessories, also known as “props” but sometimes students prefer to wear their own. If so, then I tell you what you may need and what you can use it for.

1. Mat:

The yoga mat will be your faithful companion during your practice. It should not be very fluffy. When the mat is very soft it is common to lose balance. Find a mat that provides firmness and does not slip. One trick is to wash it before use so it doesn’t slip

There are options for all kinds of budget and taste.

2. Blocks:

Each body is different and sometimes there is more flexibility in some areas of the body than in others. Your arms may not reach the ground, you need support to maintain balance or you need height. Blocks are super versatile tools that help provide stability and support during poses.

3. Straps or straps:

Straps help you achieve what seems unattainable and stabilize your posture. In my experience, long straps, at least 10 feet, are more versatile

4. Towel:

Many classes cause a lot of heat in the body, so you will sweat. A small towel is great to dry the sweat so you don’t slip on the mat or wipe sweat from your face so you can keep your eyes on a fixed point.

5. Blanket:

They are versatile, you can use them to create a comfortable seat if your back bothers you sitting on the floor. You can also use it to wrap yourself during relaxation or meditation as the body tends to get quite cold.

You can carry all your equipment in a purse like this so you can get to class with everything you need

Or acquire everything together and of the same style (in combo) to better identify it:

Enjoy the experience of connecting with your body consciously through yoga and Health!