You will no longer feel ashamed when raising your arms.

Sometimes, because of the sun, deodorants, or the razors you use perhaps daily, they hurt the armpit area and produce spots that are difficult to fade. One of the most sensitive and delicate parts of the body is precisely them, the armpits.

However, there are products that can clarify or remove them definitely. Here we present 3 whitening creams for the armpit area that you can use and will eliminate those spots that are so uncomfortable to show.

1. Artisan bleach 100% natural:


Natural organic bleach made of clay. Contains mango butter, organic shea butter, coconut oil, milk of magnesia, vitamin E, lemon, lavender and castor oils.

This cream leaves skin silky, clean and toned while gradually lightening underarm blemishes. It has a pleasant lavender and lemon scent and leaves no sticky residue.

2. Bleach moisturizing:

Contains natural bleaches such as Indian currant, Kojic Acid, Mulberry Root extract, Lactic Acid and Strawberry Begonia. In addition, it hydrates the skin with carrot extract and green tea. It is recommended to use twice a week.

This gel based on natural components is ideal for sensitive skin. Corrects blemishes due to excess pigmentation due to waxing or tanning. Its formula does not contain fragrances or toxic chemicals.

3. Lightening cream Dorlene:

Deodorant and lightening cream with vitamin E, vitamin B, papaya and aloe vera. It can be applied throughout the body. It should be applied twice a day for greater effectiveness.

Nourishes the skin and helps lighten dark underarm spots while preventing body odor. You find it in Amazon at an incredible price.