Don’t give up and follow these steps to restore the health of your hair …

Although parabens act to prevent bacteria from forming in the shampoo, it is very abrasive. Using a shampoo free of these components will give you shiny, strong and highly elastic hair. Either from the sun, or from the excess of chemicals you use on your hair, you are probably noticing that it is dry, damaged and lifeless. But also, the sulfates and parabens in certain specific products are very harmful to your hair; Because they remove natural oils from your scalp as well as irritate and split your hair.

Look at 3 options that you can use free of them:

1. Natural Escapes: promotes growth and nourishes hair follicles

If your hair is falling out a lot and you feel very thin, this shampoo should be used. Thanks to its orange and tangerine oils, it helps to keep your hair from falling out as much, promoting blood circulation on the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles. Ideal for colored, gray, curly or straight hair. It has an antioxidant formula so that your hair does not weaken.

A shampoo free of chemicals that will help your hair grow a lot. It has 4.3 satisfaction. Have a delicious aroma that will relax you in every shower.

2. Tree to Tub: biotin and caffeine to balance the pH and grow your hair

Grow your hair with the extracts of biotin, caffeine and rosemary. Your hair will be very strong and very clean without removing the natural oils from your scalp. It is a very soft and natural shampoo that keeps your pH balanced. Forget dandruff, itching and burning and say hello to healthy long hair.

You have 69% satisfaction, your buyers flatter you for detangling hair, promotes growth and because they do not have an itch on the scalp.

3. Keratriplex: ideal for colored hair to protect from the roots

This shampoo is a moisturizing, restorative that protects your hair from the roots. It gives you the ideal amount of moisture so that your hair is manageable and has a natural and spectacular shine. It is a product that is used in beauty salons, it does not harm your hair and you can use it if you have dyed it.

It can be used by men and women. Have 75% satisfactionAlthough it does not have much, it will help you to heal and repair your hair a lot.