Improve the condition of your scalp.

Itchy or itchy scalp? There are many factors for this to happen, but it is possible to eliminate it at an affordable and effective cost. There are products that focus on this problem, which are responsible for nourishing and eliminating dryness. It is important to have a treatment for the scalp, at least a few weeks to see improvements. Other recommendations is that you do not wash your hair with hot water, wash it daily, do not use very abrasive shampoos and that you scratch your scalp this irritates it more.

Shampoo for dry scalp: made with natural ingredients and zinc to control fat production

This parched scalp shampoo contains ingredients like zinc, aloe, peppermint essential oil and tea tree. It does not contain alcohol so that it does not irritate and is abrasive to the scalp, helps relieve dryness, itching, controls the production of sebum thanks to zinc, prevents flaking and it becomes dandruff.

It is suitable for oily hair, if you have very irritated skin choose to use it one day yes and another no. It is not ideal for colored hair, as it could wash your hair.

Brush to massage the scalp: excess product, clogged hair follicles

It is normal that when placing the shampoo or hair products, not all the product is removed, when we wash it, this can cause itching and you mistake it for dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. A tip to prevent excess product on your scalp, is to give a light massage and so it is possible that waste is removed so that your scalp does not itch.

Using a massager brush for the scalp can also stimulate hair follicles for hair growth. When you use it, don’t be abrupt, do it with gentle movements from one side to the other, never in circular motion, because you can break your hair.

3. Scalp treatment: made of vitamin B3 to balance and calm

This is a scalp treatment that you don’t need to rinse. What you should do is divide the hair and place it on the scalp, it has ingredients like vitamin B3 and hyaluronic acid to hydratetar and control itching and irritation. If you have an oily scalp, you can control that dryness and excess sebum.

It is recommended use 2 times a week, to notice results. In a month you will see improvement, it is important that you have a complete routine, because although the product is good if you do not have a regimen, it can affect its effectiveness.

Scalp Serum: with essential oil, lime and ginger

If you prefer a more natural serum, it helps balance, nourish, prevent and soothe the scalp. Placing at least twice a week helps that dryness is removed and you get more hydration, It also helps control irritation and itching and gives you softer hair. It is important that you use it on damp hair and leave it to act, do not expose yourself 2 hours after placing it.

Avoid bathing with super hot water, because that irritates and even causes more sebum, since you alter the pH, washing your hair with warm water is ideal. It is not necessary to apply it daily.

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