The symptoms of menopause can end your patience day after day. These patches help you alleviate some symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, bad mood and problems related to urinary incontinence. They do not cause irritation or any side effect on your skin or body.

1. Patch to relieve hot flashes and vaginal dryness for 8 hours:

This patch is focused on relieving hot flashes, mood swings, Headaches and even vaginal dryness. This patch adheres to your skin without causing irritation as it is latex and gluten free. When applied the patch has 8 hours of prolonged release effectiveness. Put it on your back, hip or arms.

Many users recommend that you apply it after showering so that it sticks better. This packaging it has 30 patches.

2. Get back sleep and eliminate insomnia:

If you’re having a lot of trouble falling asleep, these melatonin patches can help. Contains 10 mg melatonin that serves so you can sleep without any addiction. Melatonin is the sleep hormone and sometimes at menopause this hormone is produced very little. After placing it you will have hours of deep sleep without side effects.

You can also use it if you are going to take a long trip or to avoid jetlag. This package contains 10 patches.

3. Control urinary incontinence for 4 days so that you move without worry:

If you are having incontinence problems, this patch helps keep urine in your bladder. When you put it on, the effect will last you for 4 days, ideal if you have an important dinner, are on vacation or you want move carefree and fearless.

his active ingredient is oxybutynin it does not pass through the liver but only through your skin. This package can be high, but there are packages with less quantity of patches cheaper, if your budget is short.