Rose water is one of the purest, antibacterial, allergy-free ingredients that can be used on the face, skin and hair. In your hair it can give shine, softness and removes dirt and any residue from the scalp. On your skin it helps to calm redness and swelling after waxing. Know 4 benefits of using rose water, it is effective and at a very affordable price.

1. Helps to eliminate scars, burns and blemishes:

Whether hormonal stains, scars from a fall or operation, rose water will help you to fade these imperfections. It should be used as a facial toner, you can place it on a cotton pad or directly on your face and neck. This product is 100% organic Moroccan rose water, so it has more natural ingredients.

Likewise removes swelling under your eyes if you cried or woke up with many dark circles, in your rotary you can apply it after waxing. This rose water has 4.2 stars.

2. Prevents wrinkles and removes makeup from water-based products:

To make up you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in a make-up remover, rose water removes dead cells and impurities from your face, removing the makeup waterproof. It also has vitamin C, which helps to fade wrinkles and expression lines.

Apply the product on your face and neck, always prevent rose water from sunlight so that it does not lose any nutrients. This rose water has 78% satisfaction, loved for refreshing and remove waste.

3. Sets makeup, refreshes and can be used as a pre-mask:

If at night you are going to put on a mask, wash your face and spray rose water this will help the active ingredients penetrate more into your face. The same thing happens when you finish putting on makeup, it works as a fixative for makeup. It is zero abrasive with sensitive skin and you will feel an instant hydration.

Remember that it is always better a transparent rose water, since if it is pink or red it can have artificial colors that are not good for your face and could cause an allergy. This rose water has 4.2 stars.

4. It balances the fat in the skin and prevents it from stiffening or being dry:

If your skin is very oily, using rose water daily gives it the hydration you need and balances the fat you are producing. If your skin is very dry it will prevent it from becoming stiff or very dry. Balance * the pH of your skin being very careful, not to remove essential oils from your face.

You can use any rose water on your hair, face and hair. If you are traveling by plane this will give you the hydration you lose. This rose water have 86% satisfaction, don’t wait any longer to try it.