Manuka honey is a natural and very powerful antibiotic. Its origin is from New Zealand and its popularity increases every day for everything it can do in your body. It can treat skin infections you can is an antiseptic, preventing bacteria and fungus formation. Manuka honey can be consumed, there are several products such as creams, spray, and body wash that are to be applied to the skin. Learn about everything manuka honey can do for your skin, a supplement you will love.

1. Steens: unclogs pores, removes acne and blackheads, is a great natural scrub

You can apply manuka honey to your face to make a mask, it will help you to uncover clogged pores of sebum and fat, removes dead cells and acne this also produces blackheads. Apply it once a week, it is zero abrasive so you can use any type of skin.

Manuka honey is a superfood, it has amino acids, iron, calcium, selenium, potassium and vitamin B. You can consume it and thanks to its nutrients it will give you great energy without being overwhelmed with so many calories. his taste is deliciousYou can also place it on your morning toast. This product has 4.4 stars.

2. Gya Labs: accelerates healing, eliminates skin irritations and abscesses

Manuka honey for the face can be used in oil. This is an essential oil that helps accelerate healing, it is perfect for diabetics. Relieves irritations and skin lesions from burns, injuries, or infections. Apply a few drops to regenerate your skin, leaving the oil to act.

It also relieves mosquito bites, you can put a few drops in a diffuser to drive away insectsIt will also help you to relax after a long day. Keep this essential oil away from sunlight.

3. Deluvia: renew your skin for its high levels of collagen

If your skin is extremely dry or does not have adequate moisture, a manuka honey cream will give you excellent protection. The manuka honey has collagen reason why it serves so that your skin is renewed, remains firm and healthy. This cream can be used throughout your body to give it maximum hydration, without leaving you feeling greasy or oily.

Manuka honey can eliminate psoriasis, rashes and eczema. Apply as many times as necessary. The cream can be applied to children and older adults. It is free of parabens, so very sensitive skin can apply this cream.

4. Nature’s Gold: moisturizes dry skin and repairs chapped lips

If you have some very dry lips, place manuka honey that will help to repair them and give them hydration and hydration. If your skin is dry or the weather is very cold, give it double protection, applying it to your face and the most sensitive areas of your skin such as hands, elbows and arms. If you have sunburn on your face it will help heal them and remove any type of stain.

Its size is perfect to take it anywhere and always be in your bag or backpack. You may apply it on heels in case your feet are very dry. This cream has 4.3 stars.