Colors and products as exaggerated and striking as Gaga’s particular style

The Lady Gaga’s new makeup line now available in Amazon, after several months of waiting and anticipation. Among the products you can find colors and products as exaggerated and striking as Gaga’s particular style. For every sparkly eyeshadow and bold lip color, there’s also a sleek eyeliner and a very subtle lip liner. And the best thing is that the entire line is available to buy under $ 35.

1. Liquid eyeliner with felt tip:

This is a new release, and it’s already the eyeliner best selling in Amazon. It’s a sleek black shade that could easily work with any look you wear from makeup.

Its quick-drying formula glides over any eye shape without pulling or smudging, depositing a night-black hue that lasts through a performance and encore. Its super fine tip makes adding delicate definition a breeze, while adjusting pressure on the flexible tip creates Lady Gaga’s dramatic cat-eye wing.

2. Le Riot Lip gloss – Venus:

The Gaga line currently has six lip gloss shades to choose from, and the “Venus” shade appears to be a subtle neutral color that adds a slight touch of gloss.

Silky, multi-dimensional gel lip gloss. LE RIOT LIP GLOSS offers a range of finishes including gloss, pearl and pure pigment so you can design your own look.

3. Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder – Aphrodite:

Is liquid cream to powder formula It is designed to be used in various ways. You can apply it directly to the eyelid as a sparkly eyeshadow, or you can use it all to highlight or just add a touch of glitter.

It is a versatile and multifaceted liquid eyeshadow. Our lightweight, liquid-to-powder and smudge-proof formula easily layered in the eyes or blended anywhere that deserved attention. Accumulating wrinkle-free pigment intensity is simple, so you can mark or lower it.

4. RIP Lip Liner – Walk:

A good lip liner can be the perfect finishing touch for your routine. makeup And Haus Laboratories says its formula “offers the precision of an eyeliner with the versatility, texture and comfort of a lipstick.”

A lipstick to fall in love. Color in or out of lines with this budget-proof, universally flattering lip liner that gives you the freedom to express yourself at your fingertips without sacrificing a comfortable formula. Block your lip art with a precise barrier and go for the overall color in these glossy, semi-matte shades.