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Below we will show you some of the best Spanish audiobook options to empower Latina women and any woman in general.

1. My story:

By: Michelle Obama

Narrated by: Jane Santos

Listen to the intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir of America’s First Lady.

Protagonist of a full and successful life, Michelle Obama has become one of the most iconic and captivating women of our era. As first lady of the United States of America, and first African-American to perform that role, she contributed to the White House reaching its highest levels of openness and plurality in history; She became a prominent advocate for women and girls in the United States and the rest of the world, introduced drastic changes aimed at promoting a healthy and active life in families, and accompanied her husband when the country was going through some of the most difficult times. heartbreaking history. Along the way, she showed us dance steps, caused a furor at Carpool Karaoke, and managed to raise two down-to-earth daughters under unrelenting media scrutiny.

In her deeply reflective and captivating memoirs, Michelle Obama invites us to enter her world recounting the experiences that have forged her character, from her childhood in the southern area of ​​Chicago, to the years she lived in the most famous residence in the world, going through his stage as a senior manager, during which he had to combine motherhood with professional life. Boasting foolproof honesty and vivacious wit, he describes his accomplishments and disappointments in both the public and private spheres, and bluntly narrates his life story, in his own words and on his own terms. Warm, lucid and revealing, My Story is an exceptionally intimate account of a woman of great morality and worth, who has exceeded all expectations time and time again and whose story inspires us to follow her example.

2. Bad:

By: Melinda Lopez

Narrated by: Melinda López

An absolutely meaningless journey towards the end of life, Mala is an irreverent exploration of how we live, face and survive in the moment. Founded on distinctive emotional language and sharp humor, this powerful one-woman show written and performed by Melinda López (Sonia Flew) dances between a mother’s growing fragility and a daughter’s pursuit of grace, all during a epic winter in Boston. Rather than representing a correct way, the play opens the door to a conversation about our universal struggle to help those we love to die, especially when all we have focused on is surviving.

Fun, brutally honest, and ultimately cathartic, Mala. — who won the Elliot Norton Award for Best New Play in 2017 — focuses on what it means to put our loved ones first, to the end, and what happens when we We strive to be good but we are not always successful.

3. Dude, stop apologizing:

By: Rachel Hollis

Narrated by: Jhoana Nichols

Rachel Hollis, bestselling author and founder of TheChicSite, encourages women to stop apologizing for their wishes, hopes and dreams and instead pursue them with passion and confidence.

Rachel has frequently witnessed women who are afraid of achieving their own goals. They fear embarrassment, not achieving perfection, or not being valuable enough. But the greatest fear of all is being judged by the mere fact of having an ambition.

Having learned to define themselves in light of other people – whether as wives, mothers, daughters, or friends – many women have forgotten who they really are and who they should be. In this book, online entrepreneur celebrity Rachel Hollis encourages women to own their hopes, desires, and goals, and reminds them that they don’t have to ask permission to want to achieve more. Calling on women around the world not to stop talking about their dreams, Hollis identifies the excuses they have to break free from, the behaviors they have to adopt, and the skills they need to acquire on the path to growth. trust and the best version of their lives.

4. Victorious women:

By: Jessica Dominguez

Narrated by: Tony Rodriguez

Recorded introduction by Jessica Dominguez herself.

The verdict: You already won! What if you could face each day with the confidence that you are victorious regardless of the circumstances? You are capable of achieving much more than you imagine. However, you may sometimes feel paralyzed, empty. May you be one of those who take care of the whole world, except yourself, of those who get up in the morning with thoughts of defeat and feeling insignificant.

After overcoming incredible obstacles, Jessica Domínguez discovered the inner strength that every woman can use to achieve true success. Victorious women It is the essential guide to help you:

  • Discover the power of God’s amazing plan for your life.
  • Defeat the lies of insufficiency and insignificance that keep the fears that paralyze you.
  • Dedicate yourself completely to fulfilling the mission for which God sent you to this earth and that will allow you to have a full existence.
  • Organize your life and find time to achieve goals that make you feel complete.

5. Women and power:

By: Mary Barba, Silvia Furió

Narrated by: Neus Sendra

Mary Beard is not only the most famous international classicist; She is also a committed feminist and as such assiduously manifests herself on social media. In this book she shows, with irony and wisdom, how history has treated women and powerful female characters. His examples range from the classical world to this day, from Penelope, Medusa or Athena to Theresa May and Hillary Clinton. Beard explores the cultural foundations of misogyny, considering women’s public voice, our cultural assumptions about women’s relationship to power, and how powerful women resist being subjected to a male pattern.

With personal reflections on her own experiences of sexism and gender aggression that she has endured on social networks, the author asks: If women are not perceived to be within power structures, is it not necessary to redefine power?

6. Talking While Female & Other Dangerous Acts:

By: Teatro Luna

Narrated by: full cast

Talking While Female and Other Dangerous Acts is a new collection of original stories on issues of risk and resilience, written and performed by Latina women across the United States. Curated by Teatro Luna West: All Latinx and All Women of Color theatrical ensemble of America, these stunning stories combine with original music by Maria Chavez and poetry by Gabriela Ortega to transport the listener to every life and journey.

Though rooted in the incredibly diverse spectrum of the Latino experience in the United States, this collection of stories is designed for anyone who has ever felt invisible, powerless, or al This compilation provides a much-needed platform and space for the many generations of women who have been hidden in the corners of our history, erased, ignored, and a light shines in today’s vibrant voices that celebrate our power to heal, transform, and elevate us. . again. From interviewing public figures as troublesome as Fidel Castro, to experiencing a leaky brain and the miraculous feats of modern medicine, or losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s brutalities, these storytellers share it all.

Modeling vulnerability to the listener, we are given access to grim reflections on the current administration ‘The impact on the marginalized, from those in violent cycles of poverty to those experiencing the gentrification crisis first hand, to a passionate call to remember children who are still in cages. This collection would not be complete without life stories of incredibly comforting experiences and trips abroad that elevate us and remind us of our ability to overcome anything that comes our way.