Fashion and music at their best …

Few artists on the urban scene move so comfortably through the dembow of the reggaeton and the beat of trap how Lyanno. This Puerto Rican brings to the table an innovative proposal and a unique sound, which combines the urban beat with the skills of a singer trained in R&B.

In addition to innovate in music, the latest in fashion is something that reflects on his style and tastes when dressing.

Among the favorite brands and fashion styles that Lyanno uses most are:

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Lyanno He is lyrically daring and melodically sensitive and this has led him to collaborate with artists of the stature of Ozuna and accumulate millions of views on your videos in Youtube, to have your own listing curated by Spotify and to become – in a few words – the new revelation of music underground.

Born in Puerto Rico in 1995, Lyanno He began to feel an inclination for music from a young age, but it was in the middle of high school that he started writing his first songs and trying to produce music in the company of his friends. “It was around the age of 14 or 15 that I started writing lyrics and writing with a classmater. There I began to listen to the music with more attention and to try to figure out what had to be done to produce your own songs yourself ”, comments the artist.

The international boom of Puerto Rican urban music occurred just at the moment in which Lyanno He was in high school, so this was the music he heard in his formative years and the one that flows most naturally to him today. “I have always listened to all kinds of music, but my favorite was always urban music. That was what I grew up with. There was always a bit of R&B and hip hop out there, but reggaeton was the first thing that moved me, so the first recordings I made were of reggaeton and I’ve come back to it a bit thanks to my latest collaborations. I came to trap later, but it has become a music that has given me a lot of satisfaction and allows me to express what I want more freely ”add Lyanno.

When listening to the music of Lyanno artists with a more melodic bent are clearly his favorites. In his productions he brings fresh melodies to a tough style like trap. His lyrics speak of sex and romance between a man and a woman, but with the sensitivity of an R&B singer and all that is due to the music he heard as a child. “My favorite artists were always a little more singer than rapper … Randy, Zion Y The ghetto in Puerto Rico and on the R&B side Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Trey songz; so I was always in touch more with the melodies than with the rap. In addition, at school I was also in choirs and although I did not study singing formally, it has always been what I liked the most ”.

Lyanno released his first single, Weakness, in 2016. The song gave samples of what would be his path in music, featuring a trap base, sexual and romantic themes and a clear voice strongly influenced by R&B. A few months later they would be released SODA. Y A.M, his first EPs. Many of the songs that have helped make the name of Lyanno It has become so well known for the past two years there have been collaborations with other artists. “I really like collaborating with Rauw AlejandroWe have a kind of brotherhood with him apart from music and we understand each other very well in the studio. I also really like the song we did with Lunay titled Alone Y Light off with Ozuna It has also been a very important topic for me. ”

These collaborations are what have made him one of the most sought-after artists on streaming platforms. After countless successful collaborations, Lyanno celebrates the release of his first EP album titled “Episodes” under the Rimas Music label.

Lyanno recently made a spectacular presentation full of color and movement at the Univision Youth Awards, where he sang his hit “Pa’ Que Vuelvas ”and had a nomination in the New Urban Generation category. The exponent of the genre, which will open the J Balvin Arcoiris Tour in the United States, is experiencing a great stage in his career that he said is reflected in his new EP, “Episodes”.

“The EP album” Episodes “is very special because it is my first album with my record label Rimas Music and I finished it before the tour with J Balvin. So these topics are very important to me because they mark one facet of my career. I titled it “Episodes” since it is a concept that I have always liked. The name was in my mind, and when given the opportunity to work on the EP I wanted to use “Episodes” because it represents a new chapter on a professional level, “explained Lyanno.

“In” Episodes “you can expect a lot of rumba, a lot of happy things and important collaborations such as working with Zion & Lennox. Also, working with the new generation: Cazzu, Alex Rose, Dalex, Rafa Pabón and Darell, with whom I have collaborated before and participated in this EP as well. For me “Episodes” is very significant because it defines a new step in my career, “said Lyanno,