Take care of your shoes with these products.

Care in footwear is essential to keep them in good condition and have a longer useful life. These waxes and dyes will help you to restore shine to your shoes and also take care of their material.

1. Polishing cream Orthostep

Made in the United States, this cream for boots and shoes which includes natural wax helps to restore shine and color to your leather shoes. It is an easy to use cream that provides long-lasting results, helping you keep your shoes flawless for longer.

With a great discount of 38%, the Orthostep cream have a price of $ 5.59 for 1.5 ounces and is available in several colors to fit different boots or shoes. It is one of the best rated products, with 4.7 stars in Amazon. Customers highlight its great functionality, restoring the original shine and color to their footwear on first use, and also helping to fill in scratches.

2. Leather oil for Soft sole

With this oil you can keep your leather goods safe, since the product of Soft sole Helps make them waterproof, hydrates them to prevent breakage, and preserves the original color of the material. It is very easy to use and provides instant results, although they warn that it can darken certain types of leather.

It is the cheapest product on the list, priced at $ 2.99 for 3.5 ounces of product, and also the best seller. In Amazon, customers agree that it is a great product for its low price and that it is ideal for leathers that have a lot of use.

3. Shoe cream Kelly´s

A product made in the United States that helps condition, polish and restore color to your leather shoes. The Kelly’s cream It is made with a wide variety of natural waxes and you can find it in 44 different shades.

Available in a wide variety of colors, even in hard-to-find shades such as reds, oranges and grays, this brand cream Kelly’s have a price of $ 7.29 for a 1.5 ounce jug. Customers in Amazon They are very happy with the results of this cream and have used it not only for shoes, but also car seats and other leather surfaces.

4. Balm of Dr. Martens

From the renowned shoe brand Dr. Martens, you can get this balm designed to nourish, condition and protect leather. Although according to the brand it works wonderfully with your footwear, it can also be used in other types of shoes. It is transparent, so it adapts to different leather colors.

With a capacity of 2.8 ounces, this Dr. Martens wax have a price of $ 9.95 and is valued positively by customers in Amazon. They emphasize that their weekly use can help to remove scratches or scratches from shoes and restore them to their original color.

5. Natural wax Saphir

Made with natural and non-toxic ingredients, the Saphir wax It is the most expensive product, but also the highest quality. It provides a mirror-like shine on the leather, thanks to its composition with a wide variety of waxes, such as Montan, Carnauba and beeswax, among others.

It is the most expensive product on the list, with a price of $ 27.83 for a 3.5 ounce jar. You can find it in 3 colors: black, brown and neutral, which is transparent and works with different colors of leather. Customers in Amazon They affirm that it provides an exceptional shine to their footwear and that it is a quality and durable product.

6. Leather dye Griffin

If waxes or creams are not enough to repair the scrapes or breaks in your shoes, then the Griffin tincture may be the solution. In black or brown color, this tincture has a very strong pigmentation that allows to fill any defect of the shoe, before polishing them. It can also be used to dye leather to a darker color.

For a 2.5 ounce bottle and a price of $ 7.75 You can have a unique product that will help you improve the appearance of your shoes. Its use on suede or nubuck is not recommended since it is a liquid formula that must be absorbed by the leather. Customers in Amazon They mention that its application is a bit complicated, but that it gives good results.