You can use it in smoothies, salads and even with coffee …

The MCT oil It is a supplement that you can include as a substitute for other oils and foods full of calories, to use in salads, smoothies, coffee, among other meals.

By its acronym in English, its name indicates that it is medium-chain triglyceride oil. MCTs are easily digested and provide many health benefits in terms of the way your body processes fats. This oil comes mainly from coconut oil, as well as palm oil and other dairy products.


MCT oil can help with weightloss by increasing the loss of fat in your body, the production of ketones and by improving the functioning of your intestinal system.

Look at some MCT oils that you can integrate into your diet.

1. Premium MCT Oil:

Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of fat that can help your body achieve ketosis, the process by which your body burns fat for energy. This MCT oil is 100% coconut, it contains the full spectrum of MCT, including lauric acid.

MCT Oil It is a project without GMOs verified and certified by third parties Keto, Paleo and Vegan Friendly. It is odorless, tasteless and can be a substitute for traditional oils. Add to protein shakes, coffee or any other type of drink.

2. Vita Coco Oil 100% Coco MCT:

MCTs are easy-to-absorb fatty acids that are rapidly metabolized and efficiently converted into long-lasting energy for your brain and body. Vita Coco MCT Oil It can help increase energy, endurance, and mental focus while you are in a low carb or ketogenic state.

It increases metabolism, provides an alternative source of energy, and can help improve your body’s ability to burn body fat as a fuel source. It is naturally tasteless and odorless, making it easy to mix into a variety of foods and beverages. Even those with a sensitive palate can enjoy the healthy benefits of this organic MCT Oil. If this is your first time using MCT oil, to avoid stomach upset, start with 1/2 teaspoon and increase to a full serving as directed on the package.

3. MCT Oil Viva Naturals:

Made 100% organic, without GMOs, Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil is an easy and convenient way to supplement with these energy-saving fats that can be quickly and easily added to salads, sauces, smoothies, coffee and more.

The Viva Naturals organic MCT oil It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which are already within a normal range by making you feel full and by supplying energy to cells when glucose, the body’s main source of energy, is limited. Providing mental support, helping to achieve a low carb or ketogenic diet can have an impact on your mental clarity and concentration. In general, Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil can help increase energy, endurance, and mental focus.