Alexa even in your car!

Do you want to take Alexa with you always? Amazon each time it launches new products, which allow you to benefit from this virtual assistant in all areas of your daily life. Now presents Echo Auto, an accessory to add to Alexa, also when you are on 4 wheels.

This device has measures of 3.3 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches and can be accommodated in your car in the vents by a bracket included, although it is not compatible with all models. It has an LED light that indicates its operation, a power button and a button to turn off the microphones if you want privacy. So that it always has a battery, it connects via USB to a port in your car or to the cigarette lighter.

Echo Auto connects to the Alexa application on your phone, allowing you to enjoy all its functions and applications Amazon. You can ask Alexa to play an audiobook, a playlist, a podcast, check your calendar, add notes to remember something, make calls and much more. Echo Auto transforms Alexa in the ideal co-pilot.

When getting into your car, you must make sure that the stereo is in auxiliary mode or bluetooth depending on the case, for Echo Auto to connect to the speaker system. You should also verify that the connection bluetooth on your cell phone is active, since Echo Auto works through the cell phone application. Echo Auto includes 8 microphones, to hear the directions even about the music in the car.

In Amazon, this product has more than 13,000 reviews and customers mention that it is a very useful device to control the cell phone with your voice, especially when asking for directions, changing the music, calling someone and more. As a negative point, they indicate that it is still a fairly new product, so it is a bit cumbersome to connect in the car and does not have good instructions for use.

You can get Echo Auto for $ 49.99 and currently has a promotion that includes 4 free months for you to enjoy Amazon Music. This promotion is only valid for new clients of Amazon MusicAnd after 4 months you can pay the subscription of $ 9.99 per month or unsubscribe whenever you want.