The ice roller that has different uses for the body.

The ice roller is a roller, which can be used on the body, head and face. It is a zero abrasive product for the skin and can be used by men, women and children. It is a product for skincare or it serves to eliminate inflammation of the face, calm a headache or eyes, relieve a burn or even activate circulation in your legs and muscles, these ice rollers will help you too. It also works for facial paralysis therapy.

What is the ice roller for?

1. Relieves inflammation and lowers dark circles thanks to the cold, ideal for massaging dark circles

This ice roller must be put in the freezer. Being cold helps relieve swelling on your face like dark circles or on the cheeks. By placing the roller in the freezer and then putting it on your face it will not burn you because thanks to its material it does not affect the skin. The roller can be separated from the handle, so you only put the roller in the freezer or in your refrigerator.

This package includes an ice roller and a jade roller for you to use all over your face. Always clean before use, you can clean with micellar water and store it.

2. Soothes headaches and hair removal irritations

Headaches or eye pain can be bothersome and can even cause a migraine. You can place this roller and give a head and forehead massage, even place for a few minutes on your eyelids. Another use is for irritations and burns on the skin, after waxing, by a blow, a slight burn and even by rosacea, this roller calms the skin.

If you waxed you can put a little cream or aloe vera gel and then massage with this ice roller, you will see how you skin calms down and redness decreases. Well, have the ice roller in your freezer always stored.

3. Activates the lymphatic system, improves the absorption of wrinkle products and firms the skin

Facial massage helps improve circulation and thereby activate the lymphatic system. So you can make your skin not dull, hold firm and improve its elasticity. With this you help the absorption of the products improve, the ideal is to apply after putting your serum and eye contour. In the morning you will help the dark circles to reduce their swelling and at night give a massage to firm the muscles.

You can use the face roller every day, as it is not abrasive to the skin. Forever Clean it before and after using it.

How to use the ice roller or a jade roller?

Although it may seem very easy to use the face roller, there is a technique to use it. Always use it from the inside out. This is a little manual so you know how to use it, it will help to improve the skin and tighten to prevent wrinkles. In addition it is a massage for the face.