Sweet potato cream is trending to alleviate certain symptoms of menopause. This product is made from the root of the wild sweet potato, which has vitamin E. The cream helps to treat the hormonal problem by making synthetic estrogens and progesterone naturally. By having vitamin E that helps care for the skin, regenerate the skin and above all take care of it from extreme dryness.

This cream has properties that help the body fight hot flashes, mood swings, dry skin, menopause-related pain and premenopause. Although you can find pills, smearing a cream helps it to have a better and faster absorption.

1. Indian Meadow Herbals: cream to place on the abdomen

This cream has coconut and sunflower oil, beeswax, wild sweet potato root that will help alleviate the annoying symptoms of menopause, especially hot flashes. Likewise the wild sweet potato root it is an anti-inflammatory. This wild sweet potato cream should be applied to the abdomen only, do not apply to the face.

Apply half a teaspoon and with a massage place on the abdomen. Remember to see results you must be constant.

2. Swanson: calms hot flashes and extreme sweating

If you notice a lot of hot flashes and sweating that makes you feel uncomfortable or unable to sleep, this cream helps to calm these symptoms. Sweet potato cream has Vitamin C and E, natural progesterone, shea butter that will help end those symptoms. You must apply to the neck, stomach, wrists, chest and arms twice a day.

Some women have noticed changes quickly, but remember that changes from women to women can vary. A cream with 4.3 stars which will also hydrate your skin.

3. Imagine Dermatology: helps level estrogens and progesterone

This is like a cream type foam, you just need to squeeze its dispenser and it will give you the exact amount that you should apply to your wrist, arms, legs and torsos with a light massage. This product helps level estrogens and progesterone. When applied it does not leave a heavy or greasy feeling.

Sweet potato cream can be applied during the day, but ideally it should be in the morning so that you are protected during the day. You can also apply it at night, so that do not have discomfort or hot flashes when sleeping.