Have you heard about the Xiaomi brand of cell phones? This brand of Chinese origin has long been chosen in the market for the good price-quality ratio of its products and its innovative characteristics. The company not only manufactures cell phones, but also offers all kinds of technological accessories and household appliances that follow the same line. Below we show you the 4 best-selling Xiaomi models, all for less than $ 400 and with a very complete design.

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

With a 6.35 ”screen in Full HD, this Xiaomi cell phone offers good performance with high quality cameras. On the back, it has a 48MP and 5MP dual camera, and also a fingerprint reader, and its front camera is 13MP. It has a good performance, with a Snapdragon processor, 64GB internal memory and 4GB RAM.

This is the cheapest cell phone on the list, with a price that does not exceed $ 200 and also the best-selling guide. Due to its size, performance and a 4,000mAh battery it is a very good product at a low price. In Amazon, customers claim that it is a quality cell phone, built in black or blue glass, and of great value. They mention that it is a good option for people who are looking for an efficient cell phone without spending a lot of money.

2. Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

Of the next generation of cell phones than the previous model, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has a 6.26 “screen in Full HD, with a large cutout at the top, where the 24MP front camera is located. On the back, it has a dual 12MP and 5MP camera, although the fingerprint reader is on the screen. In relation to its performance, we find a Snapdragon processor, 64GB internal memory and 4GB RAM, similar to the previous model.

This is the best rated model in the guide, which stands out for its performance and price below $ 200. It is a model of cell phone from the Xiaomi range 8 in its version Lite, which would be simpler. Customers in Amazon highlight its great price-quality ratio, the richness of the screen. With this model, you get a quality cell phone at a low price and with the necessary features for your day to day.

3. Xiaomi Mi 9T

In the Xiaomi Mi 9T without a doubt what stands out the most is its camera selfie 20MP, which comes out of the cell every time you want to use it. This feature makes this model have a 6.39 ”screen without interruptions, in AMOLED Full HD quality. In the back, it has a rugged design with triple camera and flash, 48MP, 8MP and 13MP. Its performance is similar to the other models, with a Snapdragon processor and 64GB of internal memory, but it has 6GB of RAM.

Despite the fact that this Xiaomi model exceeds $ 300, it is still a very good mid-range cell phone, due to its performance and quality. Its front camera stands out, a feature that some cell phone models are just beginning to use, giving it a very innovative detail. In Amazon, customers mention that their big screen is the strong point of this model, but they also highly value its reduced price.

4. Xiaomi Mi 9

Also from the Xiaomi line 9This model offers a 6.39 ”AMOLED screen in Full HD, a 20MP front camera and a 48MP, 12MP and 16MP triple rear camera, a slightly higher quality than the previous model. It includes a Snapdragon processor, 64GB internal memory and 6GB RAM.

Although it is the most expensive on the list, it is still a mid-range cell phone with a price that does not exceed $ 400 offering a very good performance. One of its weak points is the on-screen fingerprint reader, although customers mention that it is fast. In AmazonYou can see positive comments for this product highlighting the quality of its cameras and its fast operation for day-to-day tasks.