It can be difficult to have a serum for open pores and wrinkles, but fortunately there are options to take care of these 2 problems at the same time. The bad news is that the pores cannot be closed, as it is not a muscle that opens and closes, but its appearance can be improved to make it look closed and without black spots.

1. Glycolic Acid Serum: control sebum, clean pores and prevent blackheads

If you have oily, mixed to oily or mixed to dry skin, this serum will help keep your skin clean, as it is an exfoliating acid that It unclogs the pores and with this it eliminates the black points so that your pores look clean. It is important that you moderate the use of that acid, since the use of sunscreen is mandatory since it can make the skin photosensitive.

It is an anti-aging serum because it improves the structure of the skin to give it more elasticity and deep hydration so that those wrinkles do not appear.

2. Niacinamide serum: Helps prevent wrinkles, controls sebum and minimizes pores

Niacinamide is an excellent ingredient for almost all skin types, what niacinamide does is that it is anti-aging, since takes care of the skin from free radicals, Which are one of the reasons that wrinkles appear early. The benefits of niacinamide minimizes pores because it controls sebum so that your face does not shine as much, it prevents blemishes and can gradually remove some.

Niacinamide is an anti-aging serum thate must not be combined with vitamin C. Together they are a product that could irritate the skin.

3. Hyaluronic acid: retains moisture on your skin to prevent further sebum and prevent fine lines

You may think that oily or combination skin does not need hydration. This is a mistake, because by cleaning the face you can remove its natural oils and the secretion increases dramatically. Hyaluronic acid takes care that your skin has moisture so that no more sebum is produced, and closing the pores also retains moisture in the skin, this is important because by not having moisture you can make wrinkles appear faster. The Hydration is essential to prevent wrinkles.

This anti-aging serum you can use in the morning and at night, It combines very well with any ingredient. With 3 drops you can cover your entire face.