They will help you restore the health of your hair for a better texture and natural shine.

A well-hydrated scalp is key to stimulating hair growth and restoring strength to dry, damaged hair. Oils are one of those products that help deeply penetrate the hair to hydrate and restore it.

They can repair split ends and prevent future damage. The oils nourish and give the necessary moisture for you to have shiny hair and be healthy. It can be used by any type of hair, since they are natural and zero abrasives. We share here several oil options that will help you repair split ends and restore health for a better texture and natural shine.

1. Repair oil for grape seed, rosemary, black cumin and jojoba:

Restores shine and volume to dry or damaged hair, stimulating its growth. It is a light oil treatment that protects your hair from damage by heat, sun, and other elements. After using this treatment with oil, you will see that your hair begins to get brighter, softer.

Natural ingredients from grape seed, rosemary, black cumin, and jojoba oil work together to moisturize the scalp and help restore the volume and shine of individual locks. Crafted with a blend of 100% natural super oils and flowers through a botanical oil infusion to maximize the benefit you get from each ingredient. Made with soft and light beautifying oils for easy absorption.

2. Coconut oil Majestic Pure:

The coconut oil you can use it as a conditioner and then rinse or combine with a mask. Coconut oil protects the hair, gives it shine, softness and elasticity. It can heal the most damaged hair. You need to be consistent and wash your hair with cold water, this will help the temperature not affect your hair as much.

You can combine coconut oil with almond oils to make your hair stronger and stronger. In addition it has a rich natural aroma.

3. Vitamin E Oil from Kate Blanc Cosmetics:

The Vitamin E it is extremely important for hair health. Vitamin E can repair damage by dyeing it, using heat products, and you can close split ends. If your hair is greasy it can control the excess production of sebum in the scalp, it can balance the pH of the scalp, it increases circulation in the hair follicles promoting healthy hair growth.

This vitamin E oil can be used after showering or make a night mask in conjunction with essential oils to give your hair more nutrients.

4. Oil jojoba:

The jojoba oil have vitamins A, B, C and E, is an ideal oil for oily hair and dry ends, since it controls the production of sebum, seals the split ends and cares for damage by dyes and free radicals. To use it you can combine it with your shampoo, a mask and even with your conditioner if you do not want to use only jojoba oil.

This jojoba oil also gives hair volume. Always keep away from free oils from sunlight, as this could evaporate their properties. Do not apply to the scalp, it should always be applied from the middle to the ends.