Giving a perfume is always a good option for any woman …

There is no better time for a woman to release a fragrance again, that in Christmas.

But which one to buy as a gift is the question? Giving a perfume can sometimes be complicated by the great variety of options that are constantly coming onto the market. While it is true that many times we already have our preferences, we should give ourselves the opportunity to try trying new fragrances. If you still do not know which option to choose, here we show you the most popular women’s perfumes to give away at Christmas.

Vera Wang Princess from Vera Wang:

Launched by Vera Wang’s design house. Vera Wang Princess It begins with notes of water lily, apple, mandarin meringue and golden apricot skin. Middle notes of ripe pink guava, Tahiti flower, wild tuberose and dark chocolate give way to luscious base notes of rose frosting, precious amber, forbidden woods, captive royal musk and vanilla chiffon.

Radiant and whimsical, Vera Wang Princess is a pure, fruity floral fragrance, rich in vanilla and brimming with exotic flowers and succulent fruits. Princess is about a new attitude. It is about reclaiming something magical and mystical in your life. It is feminine and modern, always sophisticated and elegant, and has many unexpected and free-spirited features. She has the magical, whimsical and youthful spirit that resides in all of us, regardless of age. It is the # 1 best seller in its category in Amazon.

Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker:

Introduced in 2005 by Sarah Jessica Parker, Lovely It has precious oils, lavender, orchids, amber, apple martini, paper, whites, and musk.

It is recommended to use at any time and for women of any age. It is among the TOP 15 best sellers in Amazon with more than 2,400 reviews.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy:

The perfume is Daisy one of the most popular and favorite by women. It is a very youthful and feminine Most of its consumers are by young women.

Its scent has grapefruit, musk, vanilla, wood, jasmine, and strawberry. Ideal for an outing with your friends or a romantic dinner. It is one of the best-selling perfumes in Amazon, being in position # 8.

4. LANCOME La Vie Est Belle:

If you are a lover of floral smells, this is the perfume you should choose. It has notes of pear, lavender, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla, and iris. It is a fragrance to use in the days, it is a very long-lasting scent, so applying only in the morning will suffice.

It is one of the brand’s most popular perfumes. More than 50% of buyers love the smell and presentation of the product.

5. Bloom from Gucci:

Gucci presents Bloom under the creative vision of Alessandro Michele. This is the third edition of Bloom that maintains the original jasmine scents,

If you are looking for a very feminine fragrance, it comes with a delicate scent of rose and osmanthus. You will always feel fresh.

6. Women from Calvin Klein:

This fragrance was created by Raf Simons as creative director of the house Calvin Klein. The bottle presents the female eye as a metaphor for a world view and a reflection of oneself. Created by artist Anne Collier, the visual art motif represents an emblem of the women’s campaign and serves as a source of strength and emotion.

Its ingredients are based on eucalyptus, and cedar for a woody and floral composition. Inspired by the inherent freedom and empowered reality of modern women, this fragrance celebrates the feminine spirit and power.

7. Yes from Giorgio Armani:

East perfume by Armani It comes in a strong and sturdy bottle so you can take it everywhere. It is a soft and delicate fragrance that you will surely want to use for dining out or a romantic evening.

It comes in 3 different sizes to choose from, and its long hold is one of its main attributes.

8. Red Door from Elizabeth Arden:

Red Door is a classic that every woman must have. It is a glamorous, elegant, sophisticated, and warm fragrance. It has a mixture of strong flowers for better fixing for long hours.

Elizabeth Arden empowers all women to be prepared to leave their mark wherever it goes. With a sleek design and a glamorous red glitter finish, the Red Door packaging continues to celebrate its iconic red door.

9. Versace Bright Crystal:

It is characterized by its aroma of magnolia, yuzu, amber, lotus, pomegranate and mahogany.. A very fresh scent to use in spring and summer. Its aroma does not last long, so you will have to apply twice a day to make it last longer.

One of the best selling perfumes around Amazon is Bright Crystal. There are different presentations that some will suit your budget.