Nokia 5.1 Plus is the second Android smartphone with HMD Global which is present after Nokia 6.1 Plus.

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Playing in the middle class, the price offered on the latest smartphone is cheaper than the Nokia 6.1 Plus. Even so, the performance of the Nokia 5.1 is arguably powerful.

Interestingly, I had the opportunity to try the Nokia 5.1 Plus for several days so that it can be used for daily activities. To that end, for Gadgeters who are curious about the advantages, disadvantages, performance, and features offered, they can see the following review article.

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The design

Nokia 5 1 SIM slot

Following the current trend, the Nokia 5.1 Plus has been equipped with bangs or notch at the top that serves to store sensors, front camera, and earpiece. In addition, the bangs also function to reduce some of the upper screen bezel.

But if the user doesn’t like the bangs that are present on this smartphone, they can disguise it with the Full Bezel feature found in the Settings menu so that the edges of the bangs will be covered by black.

The navigation buttons are also virtual in the bottom of the screen, such as a triangle for the Back button, a circle for the Home button, and a box for the Recent Apps button. But users can also eliminate this navigation button by turning it into gesture mode.

Turning to the back, there are 2 rear cameras, LED flash, a fingerprint sensor, and the Nokia logo arranged vertically. While the rear body uses a polycarbonate coating that is designed to resemble glass.

Thanks to this layer makes the back design of the Nokia 5.1 Plus look attractive. But because it resembles glass makes the layer feels slippery when held and easily leaves fingerprint marks.

Unfortunately, the HMD Global does not embed additional cases in the sales package so that smartphone users should buy additional cases from other places to protect the back from scratches, fingerprints, or fall due to slippery.

Turning to the bottom there is a speaker hole to make sound from the smartphone and USB Type-C port to charge the battery or transfer data to a computer or laptop.

While at the top there is a 3.5mm audio jack port that is used to connect headphones and earphones with the Nokia 5.1 Plus. Moving to the left there is a SIM card slot and microSD.

Finally, on the right side there are volume and power buttons arranged vertically to make it easier for users to do a screenshot combination using only one hand.


Nokia51 Chin

Nokia 5.1 Plus is equipped with a 5.86-inch screen with HD + resolution (1520 x 720 pixels), IPS LCD technology, and a 19: 9 aspect ratio that fills the front. Bangs like the iPhone X has also been present at the top.

Blue Light Filter feature with the name Night Light has also been embedded in this smartphone so that it can reduce the blue ray radiation from the screen. Even Double Tap Wake allows users to activate the screen from resting conditions just by tapping the screen twice.


Nokia 5 1 Power Button

This device is equipped with a MediaTek Helio P60 Octa-core 1.8 GHz chipset with 12nm process technology, 3 GB RAM, and 32 GB internal storage that can be added by microSD.

With this hardware combination, HMD Global claims that the Nokia 5.1 Plus is capable of running games or applications in multitasking smoothly given the 12nm process technology that is owned by MediaTek Helio P60 has powerful performance.

To prove it, I also run a variety of applications in daily activities in multitasking ranging from SMS, chat, social ne2rking, telephone, music, video, documents, and games.

The result is that Nokia 5.1 Plus is able to run all of these applications smoothly, even during the application transfer process. Next, I tested it with a variety of popular games ranging from Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, to Garena Free Fire.

I am able to run Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor smoothly at high graphics and frame rate settings. While PUBG can run smoothly on HD graphics and high frame rates.


Finally, Garena Free Fire can run smoothly on ultra graphic settings and high frame rates. Next, I did a benchmark on this smartphone with the AnTuTu Benchmark and Geekbench applications.

Interestingly, the Nokia 5.1 Plus managed to get the AnTuTu Benchmark score which reached 120,364 points which could arguably be able to rival a smartphone with a Snapdragon 636 chipset that on average has a score of 110 thousand to 116 thousand points.

While in the Geekbench test, this smartphone managed to get a score reaching 1,323 points for Single-core testing and 4,857 points for Multi-core testing. In other words, the Nokia 5.1 Plus has powerful performance to compete with smartphones in its class.


Nokia 5 1 USB Type C port

Android smartphone from HMD Global is equipped with a battery that has a capacity of 3060mAh. With a capacity of this size, the HMD Global claims that the Nokia 5.1 Plus can last for 11 hours to watch videos or 18 hours for the ph1.

For that reason, I also did some battery life testing using PCMark and daily activities. In testing PCMark, Nokia 5.1 Plus managed to get a battery life that reached 9 hours 12 minutes.

While in daily testing, I open the telephone application, SMS, chat, social ne2rking, an occasional video, occasional music, documents, and e-mail. The results of the Nokia 5.1 Plus is able to last up to 11 hours 35 minutes. In other words, the Nokia 5.1 Plus has a battery life that is long enough for daily activities.


Despite using the USB Type-C port, HMD Global has not pinned the Fast Charging feature to this smartph1. Based on my testing, the Nokia 5.1 battery can be charged 40% in 35 minutes and reaches 100% in 2 hours 15 minutes.


Nokia 5 1 Dual Camera

This smartphone has been equipped with 2 rear cameras that have a combination of 13 MP primary camera (aperture f / 2.0) + secondary camera and LED Flash that can produce photos properly.

The default camera application from Nokia 5.1 is also equipped with a Live Bokeh feature that allows users to determine the level of blur before and after taking photos by utilizing a combination of 2 rear cameras.

While the front camera has a resolution of 8 MP with f / 2.2 aperture which can produce selfies with a smooth face thanks to the presence of the Beauty feature. Not to forget, users can take selfies with bokeh effect.

Interestingly the camera application from Nokia 5.1 Plus has a feature called Bothie or Dual-Sight that allows the use of front and rear cameras as well as to produce unique photos.

The front and rear cameras of this smartphone are capable of producing good photos insufficient light conditions. While photos for nighttime conditions are quite good, the ability to focus becomes slow so users need to minimize vibration when photographing objects.

For this reason, for Gadgeters who are curious about the quality, they can see the photos from the Nokia 5.1 Plus camera below.

Rear camera (click to enlarge)






Live Bokeh






Nokia51 Tonight

Nokia51 Night3

Nokia51 Tonight


Nokia 5 1 Fingerprint

HMD Global has also embedded a fingerprint sensor on the back of the Nokia 5.1 Plus, making it easier for users to unlock smartphones using only fingerprints.

You could say the fingerprint sensor on this device can detect my fingerprint properly in just a few seconds. Meanwhile, Nokia 5.1 Plus allows 5 different fingerprints to be registered as unlock.

Face Unlock

Nokia51 FaceUnlock

As a smartphone today, the Nokia 5.1 Plus has been equipped with a Face Unlock feature that allows users to be able to unlock using only his face.

As usual, only one face can be registered as an unlock. When I tried this feature, I felt that the response was not fast enough and rather difficult to use in low light conditions. For this reason, the operating system developer should improve the capabilities of Face Unlock.

Android One


Nokia 5.1 Plus is incorporated into the Android One project so Google has promised that this smartphone will get the fastest and most advanced Android operating system update for the next 2 years.

Thanks to the prefix that uses the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo, making this smartphone get Android 9.0 Pie and maybe even Android 10 Q. For now, the Nokia 5.1 Plus has been updated to the pure Android 9.0 Pie operating system.

The display interface of Android 9.0 Pie itself is more attractive than the previous generation. In addition, there are a variety of interesting features that will spoil its users, such as Adaptive Brightness that will optimize the brightness of the screen in accordance with ambient conditions.

There is also a timer that allows setting the time used in an application. Later if the application has entered the specified time then the application will not automatically be opened.

In addition, the Adaptive Battery feature also allows artificial intelligence (AI) to track application usage patterns so that it can prioritize applications that are often used so that it will save more battery.

Interestingly, Android 9 Pie also offers gesture-based navigation, allowing users to navigate back by swiping or swiping the screen to the right, switching applications that open with screen swipe to the left, opening App Drawer with swipe up, and returning to the home screen by pressing small circle button in the bottom center.


Nokia 5 1 Audio jack port

You could say I’m satisfied using the Nokia 5.1 Plus for several weeks especially since this smartphone has a powerful performance complete with the size that fits in your hand.

Although the rear body feels slippery and easily attaches fingerprints, it can be overcome by buying additional cases from other stores. In addition, battery endurance can last long enough when I use it in daily activities.

But without the presence of the fast charging feature, I had to wait quite a while charging the battery. Furthermore, the camera capabilities of the Nokia 5.1 Plus are satisfactory enough to produce interesting photos during use for several weeks.

I think the Nokia 5.1 Plus is able to compete with other smartphones in its class given its attractive performance and design.