With these casual dresses you can fit your figure without the need for a sash.

We all want to look regal and beautiful when using any dress, no matter if it is casual or elegant we want the dress to highlight our figure. Because of this, many times we want to look more stylized and hide the parts that we do not like in our body with certain spills.

But what kind of dresses can help me look slimmer? To be able to look slimmer you should wear dresses that fit the waist and favor your attributes. In addition, you should avoid dresses with many prints, colors, sleeves or flights, since these will give more volume to your silhouette. In this article I present you the best dresses that can help you stylize your figure and enhance your attributes.

1.HOOYON Plus Size Dress

Dress HOOYON It is very versatile, since you can use it for a semi elegant event or for a casual activity. With this dress you can stylize the figure, because the cut of the dress fits the waist with a ribbon. In addition, the pleats on the sides make the hips and thighs look slimmer. Another advantage of this dress is that if you have wide arms and you want to hide them, you can do it with this dress, because the sleeves up to the elbow that it has make the arms look more stylized. The HOOYON dress comes in different colors like red, black, blue, etc. Depending on the size and color the price can vary between $ 10.99 to $ 23.99.

2.Milumia Plus Size Short

To look slimmer you can use dresses that fit well to your body and highlight other attributes that favor you. For example, with the dress Milumia you will be able to sculpt your body, because it fits at the waist. In addition, having a V-neckline you can draw attention to the bust, giving the optical illusion that you have a slimmer body.The dress can be found in different patterns and has a cost of $ 35.

3. Chicwe Women’s Plus Size

Dress Chicwe It will stylize your figure and disguise the belly, because the folds it has on the torso make the waist look narrower. In addition, the sleeves it has will hide the wide arms, but without hiding them too much. Since the suit has a “strapless” style on the sides with a V-neckline in the center. Also, the length of the suit is perfect for casual or semi-formal activities. The dress costs $ 34.99.

4.Pink queen

If you want to look more demure you can consider the print suit of Pink queenBecause the long sleeves and pleats at the waist level will highlight your figure. The suit is knee length and the sleeves are ¾. You can buy the suit in different colors and prints for $ 9.99 to $ 29.99.