The best accessories for this snow season!

Do you want to transform any pair of shoes into a model suitable for snow and ice? With traction cleats, water-resistant covers and warm wool insoles, any tennis or shoe model will be the perfect shoe for walking in your city when it snows.

1. Pull studs Yaktrax

With a rubber and steel designThese Yaktrax accessories are lightweight and highly elastic, making them suitable for all types of footwear. It is the perfect accessory to put on your shoes when it snows, and then take them off when you get to work or school, keeping them anywhere for their compact measurements.

It is the best-selling product, with more than 3,200 reviews in Amazon. For their current 20% discount, they are priced under $ 15 and are available in 4 size options to fit every foot. Customers claim that it is a great accessory to transform any boot or tennis, offering good traction on snow or ice. They warn you to buy the correct size, so that they do not break when placing them.

2. Traction dowels for snow and ice Odier

From the Odier brand, this accessory is made of silicone and has plastic and metal lugs that you can replace. They are perfect for shoes that do not have a good base, adding a rubber design that offers traction in snow or ice. In addition to being able to use these accessories in the city, they are perfect for sports and hiking in mountain terrain.

Its about most economic model of the guide, priced below $ 16 depending on the size you choose, available at small, medium, large Y extra large. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a very versatile product, which can be used only with the rubber frame when it snows or rains, but the ice walking cleats should be added.

3. Traction dowels Stabilicers

To ensure a firmer grip on your footwear, this accessory has a rubber base and various velcro straps, which allow it to be adjusted perfectly to your foot. This product is perfect for people who spend a lot of time outdoors during the snow, ice and rainy season, or who enjoy doing outdoor sports despite the weather. In addition, it has 15 metal lugs that create a better grip on the ground.

With Guide’s highest rating of 4.8 stars on AmazonThis accessory is also the most expensive, with a price greater than $ 50, offering great security. Available in 6 sizes, customers mention that this product is ideal for any type of footwear and that they provide a good grip to walk safely on any terrain.

4. Shoe cover Vxar

If you are looking for a accessory that totally protects your shoes and also help you to walk comfortably in the snow or rain, then the Vxar covers can help. Made of PVC, these covers have a rigid non-slip base and are completely waterproof or snowproof, keeping your feet dry. In the front, a closure, elastic in the opening and a ribbon with button make the boot close correctly and no humidity or cold enters.

In Amazon This product is highly valued by customers, and you can find it at 10 different sizes, including an option for children, and 11 different models. They are priced under $ 15 and customers mention that it is a perfect accessory to make any shoe waterproof. In addition, it is a compact product that you can carry in your bag or backpack during rainy days.

5. Wool insoles Superfeet

Finally, we show you an accessory that will do a lot more comfortable and warm any footwear. Its upper part is made of merino wool, which guarantees warmth in your feet by regulating the temperature and repels moisture. It has a high and padded heel, to absorb the impact against the ground and improve the comfort of your shoes.

Although it is one of the most expensive products in the guide, these superfeet templates are highly valued by customers in Amazon. Available in 5 size options, customers say they are high-quality insoles, which keep feet warm, but are a bit stiff.