Free radicals are certain elements that can affect the skin, cellular production, decrease collagen, can cause more wrinkles and even damage your immune system. What are the free radicals? The sun, pollution, smoking, poor diet, excess alcoholic beverages are just some free radicals. Natural antioxidants are supplements that can protect your body from those damages and prevent premature wrinkles, increase collagen production and raise your defenses.

1. Healths Harmony: red berries with resveratrol a natural antioxidant that can prevent urinary tract infections

You may have already heard that red berries are excellent antioxidants. One of the reasons is that they have resveratrol which is an antioxidant from fruits. What it does is protects your skin from free radicals, gives you energy and can prevent heart disease long-term. It can also prevent urinary tract infections.

East natural antioxidant In capsules it contains acai, resveratrol, pomegranate and goji berry. Consuming it daily for a long period will help you feel better and see results on your skin. It is an excellent supplement to complete your personal care.

2. KOS: antioxidants to drink every day

If you prefer a rich option to consume every day, you can drink this natural antioxidant. It has ingredients such as red fruits, pomegranate, apple among others that helps to take care of your body from oxidative stress, premature aging and cell damage. The one that you consume natural antioxidants is to create a barrier against free radicals, but you must reduce fatty foods, do not exceed alcohol consumption, do not smoke and use sunscreen.

Just add water and voila, your body will be protected from free radicals, in addition to this supplement has a rich flavor.

3. Potent Organics: increases collagen production and increases defenses

One of the best antioxidants is resveratrol capsules. Resveratrol fights the signs of aging, blocks oxidative stress, regenerates cells, among other great benefits. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen, increases your defenses and protects the immune system. Together they are an excellent supplement. to fight free radicals in the body.

One capsule should be consumed daily, after eating. Do not forget to use sunscreen, as the sun is also a long-term damaging factor.

4. Zhou Nutrition: reduces inflammation and joint pain

Tart cherry or also known as acid cherry extract, is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce inflammation and joint pain, eliminates excess uric acid that can cause pain in the skin and joints if it is taken in excess. The tart cherry also mimproves melanin production so you can sleep without waking up at night. It is a natural antioxidant that can take care of the heart in the long term.

The consumption of antioxidants helps to take care of the skin and the body, because although we consume antioxidant foods we do not always have the necessary dose. Take care of your sun skin, avoid excess alcohol and cigarettes.