When we make our training it is necessary to have a series of accessories that will help us achieve better results, and more importantly, to protect our body from possible injuries. Among them are elastic bands, belts, wristbands and gloves. That is why this time we are going to show you the top 5 gloves to protect your hands during your gym routines.

1. Mava Sports: single-sided gloves

Mava Sports training gloves have a silicone padding anatomically shaped exclusively designed to give you the maximum level of grip, so that unlike other gloves, it will not increase the thickness of the diameter of the bar, thus being light and flexible. They measure 15 inches and are available in black.

These training gloves have a design that provides ventilation, so your hands will stay dry thus avoiding bad smells. Wear them for an improved grip or better wrist support.

2. Fit Active Sports: heavy duty gloves

Fit Active Sports training gloves are made of neoprene Printed with silicone, a high-quality material resistant to water, dangerous chemicals, oils, heat and aging. Available only in black color.

Among the benefits provided by these gloves we have their Long durationThe ability to fit your hands perfectly thanks to velcro and its open-hand design that allows it to breathe while performing long lifts.

3. Mava Sports: anti-sweat gloves

Mava Sports training gloves are made with neoprene, reinforced with split leather and a silicone layer. Its exclusive palm design allows a better grip thanks to the extra silicone layer. Available in other colors.

These training gloves they are anti-sweat thanks to its neoprene material, so your hands will stay dry, thus avoiding accidents due to a slip or poor grip. Ideal for rope climbing, push-ups, deadlifts, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more.

4. ProFitness: maximum grip gloves

ProFitness training gloves are made in flexible neoprene reinforced in their palms with silicone, materials that improve grip strength and control. Available in other colors.

Among the benefits that gloves give you are their stability wraps on the wrist, which are attached to improve comfort and thus reduce the tension of the hand that you may feel when doing curls, push-ups, push-ups or other types of bodybuilding exercises.

5. Mava Sports: non-slip gloves

Mava Sports training gloves are made with extra skin and silicone padding. Available in various colors.

These training gloves provide support and protection thanks to the integrated wraps on your wrist. Ideal for you to do WOD, cross fitness, box training, weight training, dumbbells, kettlebells and much more.