A forecast measure for winter days.

During the winter Cold weather affects us all, this includes our homes. Low temperatures often wreak havoc on households that they can end up structurally damaging them; therefore it is necessary that we maintain a stable temperature inside the houses. To help you with extreme climates, here are some options available at Amazon from insulating kits for windows.

1. Insulating kit Windows 3M

This window insulation kit keeps separate the currents cold and hot air, by means of a transparent shrinkable film and a mounting tape that allows you to adjust it to the size of the windows. The kit is easy to install.

It’s the window film clearest From the market. Double-sided tape ensures a tight fit between film and frame. It helps you save energy and reduce heating costs.

2. Frost King: Transparent Window


It is a pack of 9 protectors that measure 42 ″ x 62 ″; each protector consists of a transparent sheet with tape. Its design allows it to fit windows of standard size and the sheet does not shrink or wrinkle easily.

I know installs easily on frames covered with metal, painted or varnished wood, vinyl and other materials; all thanks to the double-sided tape included in this kit.

3. Homein: Insulation Kit for Windows

This shrink window film retains heat indoors, completely blocking any cold wind coming from outside. The kit helps reduce energy costs and increases the efficiency of your heating system.

Window sealing film is easily applied. It is shrink tight on any surface. You just need to cut the film, adapt it to the frame of your window and use your hair dryer to adhere it.