Today, you can find a smart accessory for each of the house’s functions, even to water your garden. The Rachio smart controller It differs from other similar accessories due to the possibility of programming it through the cell phone and its intelligent features that regulate irrigation automatically, while other products on the market only serve as a timer for your sprinklers.

With this smart system you can save time, money and water. The Rachio accessory includes a built-in technology that allows you to recognize the weather, so it does not irrigate your plants when it rains or has rained, saving water. It can also detect wind, frost and much more, taking the best care of your garden. Through a brand application or through its buttons on the front, different routines can be defined to water your garden based on your specific needs.

The front part is easily opened by a magnetic system to access the control of each of the irrigation areas, which are 8 in this device, although it is available for 16 zones too. Each one of the zones allows the personalization of the irrigation since by means of the application the vegetation, the type of sprinkler, the soil, amount of sunlight and the inclination of the terrain are determined, so that Rachio calculates the amount of water needed in each area of ​​the garden. You can also control the watering time of each zone, which together with automatic climate detection, helps you save water and therefore money.

On the other hand, Rachio can be connected with a water flow meter, in order to control your water consumption and detect possible losses in the sprinklers, this accessory is sold separately. With Rachio, you can get 30 to 50% water savings in your rate, controlling your irrigation routines and water consumption from your cell ph

Through the data you provide through the application and its intelligent weather detection, Rachio can generate automatic routines based on the needs of each area of ​​your garden, but you can also customize them to your liking by defining the time and frequency of watering.

This system uses 5Ghz Wi-Fi and is compatible with Alexa, the Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. Through these systems you can program or activate your irrigation routines. If you are going to place your Rachio outdoors, then the brand recommends buying the Protective case that protects your device from the weather and keeps it safe. You can get it case for $ 29.99 on Amazon and it is only available in black color.

With a price less than $ 230, Rachio 8 zones is a device that offers you a smart way to water your garden, without much effort. It is very easy to install and control, since you only have to configure it once and then change the irrigation routines according to the season if you wish. With Rachio, you can have watering routines created specifically for your garden, automatically.

In Amazon, it is a very well valued product with 4.6 stars. Customers claim that it is a very simple product to handle, with a great design and very functional for any garden. They highlight the possibility of automating irrigation or personalizing it, being very versatile. With your cell phone or Alexa, you can easily control the irrigation of your garden and that it is always in the best conditions.