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Realistic Review of Realme Buds Air – The Most Practical Wireless Earphone with Powerful Bass

Realme is now trying to expand its wings by releasing wireless earbuds that are now popularly known as TWS (True Wireless Stereo), the Realme Buds Air.

Since 2018, various smartphones, especially in the flagship class, have started to eliminate the 3.5mm audio jack port that is often used to connect earbuds. This push has finally made wireless earbuds now being hunted by various smartphone users.

Seeing the potential of the market which seems to be increasingly developing, it is not surprising if the Realme wants to take part in the wireless accessories segment. As a well-known electronics manufacturer in presenting products that are very competitive in terms of price and quality, of course the latest product of this one Realme makes me quite excited and curious at the same time.

When I first saw it, it was undeniable that the design of the Realme Buds Air immediately reminded me of Apple AirPods which is now the king of the TWS segment.

This of course makes it look very interesting to glance at especially for users who are looking for similar products for Android smartphones. Even so, the Realme also gives their own touch which makes the Realme Buds Air a little different.

Realme Buds Air earphone

The design

The main thing that makes me really like this product is how practical the Buds Air is. Dimension casing which is fairly small makes it very portable.

Compared to some other TWS products that I have tried before, the realities of Buds Air are far more comfortable to carry anywhere because they can be easily stored in a pants pocket without making them poke out.

Not just a matter of casing, the design of the half-circle earbuds that the Realme gave was very fitting with the shape of my earlobe. Even though it’s not in-ear, interestingly the earbuds can stay put in place when I walk or even shake my head.

Its weight which is only 4.16 grams for each earbuds also makes it feel so light that sometimes it makes me forget that someone hangs on both ears. Surely the design of this Realme Air Buds will be one of its main attractions.

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Accessibility Features

Moreover, there are also touch controls on both earbuds for fast operation such as touching twice for play / pause music, three times for the next song, hold one for the voice assistant, and hold both for Gaming Mode.

But no less important, the reality has also presented optical sensors in both earbuds so that it can detect whether it is being used or not. That way, the music will automatically be stopped when the earbuds are removed and will immediately be played back when mounted to the ear.

Not only that, the reality of this Realme Buds Air is also always ready for me to use instantly. Simply by opening the case cover, the earbuds will automatically connect to devices that have been paired before without the need to always have to confirm again thanks to the Google Fast Pair feature.

The presence of these features also makes the initial pairing process very easy to do because I only need to press the button on the casing for a few moments to enter pairing mode and then connect it to a smartphone or other device via a Bluetooth connection.

Reality Buds Completed Water

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Audio Quality

The combination of a very portable design and ease of use is what I like most about this Buds Air reality. But of course, all that will not mean if the audio quality offered can not compensate.

For that the Realme of immersing the R1 Chip with Bluetooth 5.0 in it that not only allows earbuds to be connected instantly but also a stable connection, power saving, and intelligent control so that users can experience the true wireless experience.

Plus, the realme acoustic team also provides a Dynamic Bass Boost solution that has gone through a series of optimization to be able to provide quality audio with dynamic bass to its users.

As a result the sound offered by the Realme Buds Air does have a very powerful bass so that it makes it very well suited to be used to listen to EDM music or other genres that rely heavily on bass.

Reality Buds Air Driver

In fact, to be honest, Apple AirPods that I rely on everyday feel even bland after experiencing the realities of Buds Air. Deeper bass boom makes it easier for me to dissolve into the music world that is being listened to.

The gamers also did not escape the attention of reality because there are gaming modes that rely on Super Low-Latency from the R1 chip. This technology allows a reduction in sound latency of up to 51% when activated so users will get synchronization between the visual on the screen and the perfect sound in the earbuds.

Not satisfied with just giving the best experience, reality also completes these TWS earbuds with two microphones that have Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC).

This ENC technology will intelligently identify every word and filter out the noise in the background. Although sometimes it takes a while to be active, but the ENC that is owned by the Realme Buds Air can actually make my voice more clearly heard by the other person.

the realme of the Water Buds Design

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With all the features offered and the added small design, certainly there will be concerns about the durability of the batteries. Can the Realme Buds  Air accompany you until the end of the day?

The answer is very possible. For users like me who listen to music more often while traveling, battery life from the Realme Buds Air is more than enough. During the trial period, I only needed to recharge the casing battery once to be used all week.

Actually, the two earbuds are only able to last about 2 hours 48 minutes at 50% volume before one of them dies. The number that I feel is very enough to accompany one trip.

But thanks to the storage casing that also functions as a backup battery, the Realme Buds Air can be used for 5 days until I really need to recharge.

the realme of the Buds Air Casing

The Realme itself through its official page states that this device has a total battery life of 17 hours. After proving myself, I also believe in the claims of reality or at least very close to that number.

For charging itself does not require a long time and can be done through the USB-C port available at the bottom. But for those of you who want to be more practical, realme also provides Wireless Charging technology.

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Finally, I really like the first product of this reality in the TWS segment. Not only able to produce quality audio with powerful bass, this one device offers practicality in use and battery life that is very difficult to ignore.

I even dare to say that the Air Buds reality is a formidable opponent for TWS devices. Judging from the overall package offered, the best TWS predicate for Android smartphones is now worth pinning to the Air Buds realme.If the iPhone has AirPods as the top choice, then Android smartphones now have the Air Buds realme.

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