Opening in 2020, the Realme chose to present a new smartphone that offers an Ultra-Wide Quad Camera and a large battery in it.

The smartphone, named Realme 5i, brings several advantages that are believed to be able to attract the attention of smartphone lovers in the country. Various improvements that the present reality makes it worthy of consideration.

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As a smartphone manufacturer Realme is fairly successful because it is able to reach a high market share in just one year, what is their latest product?

Appearing slightly different from the others, the Realme 5i comes with a design called Sunrise Design in Ocean Blue or Forrest Green to represent the enthusiasm of the younger generation. After seeing it firsthand, the name is indeed very appropriate to reveal the design that was chosen this time.

The back of the smartphone has fine wavy strokes that are processed using a German five-axis precision radium chisel machine. Honestly, the Realme 5i looks more unique than other smartphones in its class thanks to the Sunrise design.

Review the realm of 5i Design

How not, these strokes make stains difficult to stick to the back while presenting charming visuals like sunlight rising from one corner. This certainly becomes a breath of fresh air amid the rush of popular color gradation designs.

The Realme 5i body feels comfortable when held thanks to the curves on the edges that follow the contours of the hand. Considering this smartphone is quite large, then comfort is one thing that should not be forgotten and, fortunately, the reality of paying attention to it.

Its large dimensions are certainly not without reason because the Realme 5i has a 6.5 inch screen with HD + resolution that appears using a mini-drop design to be able to present a screen-to-body ratio that reaches 89%.

The widescreen that is owned by Realme 5i makes me more comfortable in digital activities, whether it’s surfing the internet or enjoying entertainment content. In addition, a large screen will also make content easily seen to reduce the risk of eye damage because there is no need to use a smartphone too close.

Review the 5i Gaming realm

Interestingly, the Realme 5i has been designed with three protective layers to resist splashing water. This layer can protect the components inside and outside by sealing all the openings so that no liquid can seep.
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Overall, Sunrise Design in the Realme 5i will certainly attract the attention of anyone who looks at it because it makes it look fresh and looks very harmonious at all to accompany the minimalist design of the Real Water Buds accessories that come together.

But there is one more thing that is no less tempting than the Realme 5i at a glance, namely the four rear cameras located next to the finger scan sensor.

Named the Ultra-Wide Quad Camera, the rear camera of the Realme 5i offers a combination of a 12MP main lens, 8MP ultra-wide angle, macro lens, and 8MP portrait lens.

Review the realm of the 5i Camera

The presence of four rear cameras will certainly make the Realme 5i more flexible to be used in a variety of shooting scenarios that require different lenses so that the results remain optimal.

At the same time, there is also an 8MP front camera that has been equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology in order to produce more optimal selfie photos.

It can be said that smartphone cameras bring convenience in various things ranging from capturing moments of life to being used as a tool to record information. Therefore the camera is a segment that should not be done half-heartedly.

Aware of this, Realme also provides a variety of photography capabilities that are qualified to the realme 5i to be used by its users.



realm 5i Canvas Chroma Rear Camera
Chroma Boost

realme 5i Auto Robot Rear Camera

Reality 5i Rear Camera Auto Chroma Flower
Chroma Boost

realme 5i Normal Cat Rear Camera

realme 5i Chroma Boost Cat Rear Camera
Chroma Boost

The 12MP lens possessed by the Realme 5i looks like it can produce photos with good detail. Even the writing that is still visible after no need to enlarge is proof that this lens is very capable of capturing details.

Do not miss the Chroma Boost feature, which is the mainstay of Realme in giving a more kicking color. That way, you don’t need to bother editing anymore so that you are ready to share with others.

realme 5i Tugu Wide Rear Camera

realme 5i Tugu Auto Rear Camera

realme 5i Rear Camera Hall Auto

realme 5i Rear Camera Wide Hall
Wide-Angle + Chroma Boost

From the photos above, it can be clearly seen that the 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens can capture more objects in one frame thanks to its ability to have a viewing angle of up to 119 degrees. As a result, I can get a view that looks more complete and perfect.

realme 5i Chroma Leaf Rear Camera Macro

realme 5i Macro Toy Auto Rear Camera

realm 5i Macro Toy Rear Camera Chroma Boost
Ultra Macro + Chroma Boost

Not only can you capture large areas, the Realme 5i can also be relied upon to take photos of objects at a close range up to 4 cm. For example, in the photo above, water droplets and details from toys can still be seen very clearly, even though taken from a very close distance.

This feature can even be combined with Chroma Boost to provide brighter colors because Ultra Macro requires a lot of lighting to keep it looking optimal.

realism 5i Rear Camera Piggy Bank Potrait
Bokeh effect

realme 5i Color Potrait Piggy Back Camera
Color Filter

realme-5i-Camera-Rear-Piggy Bank-Potrait-Black
Black and White Filter

For those who want to create further, reality also embeds a portrait lens that can provide various additional effects such as the blurry or black and white background. Through this portrait lens, the shots can look more artistic and unique than just using the Auto mode only.

realme 5i Back Night Night Camera Nightscape House
Super Nightscape 2.0

realme 5i Rear Camera Night Shop Normal

realme 5i Rear Camera Night Shop Nightscape
Super Nightscape 2.0

One of the mainstay features of Realme, Super Nightscape 2.0, is back on its newest smartph1. The ability of this one feature is beyond doubtable because the results of the night photos clearly look more charming and clear. The main lens of Realme 5i in mini light conditions can be further enhanced through this Super Nightscape 2.0.

Thanks to the presence of AI technology, it needs to be recognized that the front camera of the Realme 5i is quite successful in producing good and detailed selfie photos. Plus, there are also bokeh and beautify effects that can be used if you want the photo to look more attractive.

Judging from the results of these photos, the back and front cameras belonging to Realme 5 really offer a capable ability. The photos taken by Realme 5i are confirmed to be very appropriate to be displayed on social media pages.

So that users can take pictures for a long time, the Realme is buried a battery with a capacity of 5,000mAh in this smartph1. As the user who most dislikes always having to recharge the smartphone battery, of course, I am very happy with the decision of the Realme to bring a large capacity battery for the Realme 5i.

How not, reality Realme 5i was able to last for 15 hours 55 minutes when I tested using the PCMark for Android application at a screen brightness level of 50%. The number is quite high considering the tests conducted are simulations of user activity in general.

It did not stop there; I also conducted further real-life testing. When used to watch YouTube streaming for 3 hours, the battery from Realme 5i only drains 11%. This result certainly makes me even more curious about the ability of battery endurance.

Battery realm review 5i

For that, I give a more severe test, which is to play PUBG Mobile. As a result, the reality of 5i only ran out of battery as much as 18% after being used to play for 2 hours nonstop. But for the record, I did both tests on a WiFi ne2rk.

Seeing these results, I do not need to worry anymore to do activities known as one of the causes of batteries running out quickly, such as streaming video or playing games at intervals because the Realme 5i can continue to run until night in one case.

The ability of battery endurance is inseparable from the AI ​​Freeze feature that will freeze and deactivate the application when it has not been used for a long time so that the power consumption needed becomes more efficient.

Qualcomm Snapdragon realm

In terms of performance, the Realme 5i is driven by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE Octa-Core chipset, which has speeds of up to 2.0GHz. Thanks to being manufactured using 11nm fabrication technology, this chipset has a strong performance with more efficient power consumption.

Accompanied by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, Realme 5i brings a very capable performance to run all types of applications today. Even I can do multitasking activities comfortably without having to wait for the application to reload when moving.

Snapdragon 665 chipset is also equipped with GPU Adreno 610 to support all graphics processing needs and has a third-generation artificial intelligence engine. That way, this chipset is capable of running any type of heavy application of any kind.

5i Benchmark realm review

Its powerful performance is also evidenced by its achievements in the AnTuTu v8 test, which scored 172,940 points. Not only that, but the Realme 5i also received 1,534 points for Single-Core and 5,561 points for Multi-Core when tested using Geekbench 4.

Judging from the scores obtained by the Realme 5i on the benchmark application, it is not surprising that this smartphone is able to bring me to play games very comfortably. For example, I can play the Mobile Legends game in the High graphics settings with active HFR mode which not all smartphones can do.

Reality 5i Mobile Legends

For heavier games like PUBG Mobile, I can play it on the Balanced graphics settings with Medium Frame Rate smoothly until the game is over. Likewise, for Free Fire, which can be run very smoothly even though using Ultra graphics.

I also feel quite satisfied with the gaming performance offered by Realme 5i because I found no obstacles at all. Even this smartphone is able to bulldoze all the popular games that I try easily.

Its excellent performance is certainly not free from the ColorOS 6.1 operating system made by Realme based on Android 9 Pie. Created to return to the essence of Android, which brings simple interactions, ColorOS 6.1 presents responsive smartphone navigation with an easy to understand display.

Review the ColorOS 5i realm

This operating system has a System-Wide Dark Mode feature that can change the appearance of the interface with a darker color. That way, the interface display becomes more comfortable for the eyes when used during the day or night thanks to softer colors.

Not only that, ColorOS 6.1 has also been equipped with a variety of useful features to use, such as Private Safe, that can be relied upon to store important data to the Phone Manager that can take care of the system so that smartphones can continue to run well.

After trying this smartphone, I feel that everything offered by Realme 5i seems to have been designed in such a way as to meet the needs of young people who want a reliable smartphone with a good balance in all segments from design, performance, to features.

Combined with the Air Buds Realme as accessories that accompany the Realme 5i, your digital mobile life can be fulfilled as a whole.
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