Successfully becoming one of the Top 5 smartphone brands in India within a year, it seems that Realme does not want to relax its attacks.

After recently launching the Realme 5i accompanied by the Realme Buds Air, a smartphone with a more affordable price is now called the Realme C3.

Continuing the footsteps of his predecessors which were received quite well by smartphone enthusiasts in the country, the Realme C3’s brought even better improvements to meet the needs of today’s digital generation.

The question is, the Realme C3  is worth buying if you are a Realme C2 user.

If seen at a glance from the front view alone, the Realme C3 has no significant difference compared to its predecessor. This smartphone still presents a full-screen design with its flagship.

It’s just that now the screen has a wider span of 6.5 inches which will certainly provide a slightly different experience when viewing various content. This screen itself has a resolution of 1600 x 720 pixels.

In terms of quality, the Realme C3 screen can display images sharply and has a good brightness level. The content can still be seen quite clearly when in the sun at the maximum level of information.

Review the UI realm C3 realm

Turning to the back, the C3’s reality looks completely different from the previous generation. This time Realme has replaced the Diamond Cut Designs to Sunrise Designs that mimic the sunrise rays.

The difference, the effect is now appearing like one of the cameras, giving the impression that the camera is one of the main attractions of this smartph1. Do not miss the fine stroke texture on the back which will make this smartphone look cleaner due to the hard stain attached to the surface.

That way I don’t have to worry about the back of the smartphone getting dirty quickly when looking for a finger scan sensor.

Review the C3 Rear realm

Actually when compared to the Diamond Cut design that was the mainstay before, the Realme C3 appeared simpler and less luxurious than its predecessor. This time the Realme C3 looks like a middle class smartphone without something that truly distinguishes it uniquely.

On the bright side, this smartphone becomes more comfortable in the hand that will certainly be one of the things that unwittingly affects the experience of everyday use. Moreover, the body of the smartphone is no longer slippery so I think using an additional case is no longer a necessity.

Talking about the convenience of everyday use, one of the main advantages of the Realme C3 is that its battery capacity has now increased to 5,000mAh. A change that should be welcomed because the smartphone is essentially a portable device.

With a larger battery, a smartphone can be used longer before having to recharge again every day. Bringing specifications that are more or less different than its predecessor, I expect a lot of battery life of this smartph1.

When tested using the PCMark for Android benchmark application at a brightness level of 50%, the Realme C3 was able to last for 13 hours 34 minutes, beating the C2 reality that previously only lit for 11 hours 36 minutes.

This synthetic trial that simulates daily user activity provides the same performance load so that it can be one of the evidences that an increase in the Realme C3 battery deserves to be its main feature.

Even so, it feels incomplete if it does not test the ability of the battery in real use. For that I try watching YouTube videos for 2 hours on a WiFi ne2rk without stopping.

Review the realm of the C3 Battery Test

As a result the Realme C3 battery is only drained by as much as 8%, which means in theory I can use to watch YouTube videos for more than 20 hours. Enough to accompany a very long trip when traveling to a place.

In addition, I also try to play PUBG Mobile continuously on the same ne2rk. In this heavier test, the Realme C3 was able to pass easily because the battery was only reduced by 10% after I invited to play for 1 hour nonstop.

From some of the experiments that I have carried out, the reality of C3 seems to be able to easily accompany its users until the end of the day. In fact it does not need to worry if you want to play the famous battery-wasteful game in your spare time.

Plus the Realme C3 also has a Reverse Charging feature to complement its large battery capacity so that it can be used to charge other smartphones that need it.

To recharge the power itself takes 2 hours 29 minutes to fully recover from the previous 19%.

The ability of the battery is capable of being accompanied by a viscera that is no less interesting. This time the reality entrusts the MediaTek Helio G70 Octa-Core chipset as its brain that has used 12nm fabrication technology.

The variant that I use has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage to keep the chipset from Qualcomm. A combination that I feel is very sufficient for users in general, especially for smartphones in this class.

With these specifications, the Realme C3 is able to achieve AnTuTu score of 181,230 points. In the Geekbench 5 application, this smartphone gets 355 points for Single-Core and 1,257 points for Multi-Core.

AnTuTu Geekbench C3 realm review

When comparing with previous smartphones that the MyBestDeal team has tested, the performance of the Realme C3 far outperforms Redmi 8 and even the  Realme 5i even though not far before AnTuTu scores 172,940 points.

Problem gaming, I can run PUBG Mobile games on HD graphics quality and High Frame Rate quite smoothly without obstacles. I can also enjoy playing Mobile Legends with High graphics quality, including activating the HFR feature until the game is over.

For the price, the performance provided by the Realme C3 is quite qualified and very competitive with other smartphones in its class. Surely this smartphone is very comfortable to use in everyday life.

Review the realm of C3 Mobile Legends

This seamless performance and usage experience is inseparable from the new interface that is the pride of the current Realme which is named Realme UI. This commercial display interface is able to provide lower RAM usage by 20% and increase battery life up to 40%.

The overall Realme UI design is still quite similar, especially in the settings section, with ColorOS made by OPPO that was previously used on previous Realme smartphones.

However, UI realms appear cleaner, almost like Android stock. In fact, not many built-in applications installed in it. This is probably one of the reasons why UI realism feels responsive and more efficient.

C1 UI realm review

Interestingly, the Realme UI still offers various features that existed before from ColorOS and added their own features. One of them is Dark Mode which will make the entire display become a dark color and Share Realme to share data easily.

One thing I like to change the most is the About Phone section. In the UI realm, this page contains complete specifications so there is no need to open various other menus.

The Realme C3 managed to prove that the Realme UI interface can be their new weapon in providing its own charm compared to other brands.

Besides all that, of course we should not be in the photography segment which is often the main attraction for someone to choose a smartph1. For smartphones in this class, I don’t expect too much.

Review the realm of the C3 Camera

For this segment, the Realme C3 has 2 cameras on the back consisting of a 12MP main lens, a 2MP portrait lens, and a 2MP macro lens while on the front there is a 5MP selfie camera.

These cameras can provide photos with sharp details and pretty good color reproduction during the day. Interestingly, I can enlarge photos digitally as much as 2x to 4x with quite clear.

Not only that, Realme also embed various features of their flagship Chroma Boost that can make the resulting photo has a brighter color so it is ready to be uploaded to social media without having to edit it first.

Unfortunately Nightscape features that can help photography at night must be absent on this smartph1. Although it has quite a lot of noise, but the photos produced in low light conditions can still be said to be good with a kicking color.

To judge for yourself how the quality of photos produced by the Realme C3 camera, here are some photos that I took.

Reality C3 Rear Canvas Camera

Reality C3 Rear Camera Flower

realm C3 Rear Camera Auto RobotAuto

Chroma Boost

realm C3 Rear Cat Camera

realm C3 Rear Camera Auto Building

Reality C3 Rear Camera Building 2x2x Zoom

realm C3 Rear Camera Building 4x4x Zoom

realm C3 Bokeh Rear Camera

reality C3 Rear Night Street Camera

realm C3 Rear Camera Cafe Night AutoAuto

realm C3 Rear Camera Cafe Chromaboost NightChroma Boost

The main highlight in this smartphone in my opinion is the Realme UI interface that is in it because it really has a very good response rate and has a display that is close to the stock of Android and not many burdensome bloatware applications.

For those of you who are looking for a smartphone with a good performance to be free from lag without draining too much bag, the C3’s reality feels worth considering.

To answer the question at the beginning, if you are now a Realme C2 user who wants a more powerful smartphone, then the Realme C3 is a pretty good improvement.