It has not been long since Realme released the Realme 2 smartphone at the end of last year and Now, thye are back with the newest smartphone Realme 3 in smartphone market.

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As a new player in the smartphone market, Realme is fairly agile in releasing smartphones. This time the Realme 3 that they brought the cheapest variant but presents a large capacity battery and powerful performance.

Realme 3 also experienced an increase in the camera which presents better capabilities compared to previous generations. The camera is also equipped with interesting features such as Chrome Boost and Nightscape that can make images better.

I had the opportunity to test Realme 3 with a 4GB RAM variant, 64GB of internal storage, and a Radiant Blue color for this review.

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Design and Screen

Realme 3 Back All

Realme 3 appears attractive with a unibody design and color gradation that combines blue and green. The rear body also has a mirror effect that makes the color gradation look like it changes depending on the light.

Its unibody design makes Realme 3 look slim because it only has one layer between the screen and body. Combined with the arches on both sides of the smartphone, Realme 3 feels comfortable when held in one hand.

Unfortunately fingerprint stains easily stick to the back of Realme 3 so it should use the additional clear case that has been provided in the sales package of Realme 3.

For the front, Realme 3 brings a full screen display with dewdrop-shaped bangs or like drops of dew. The screen size is 6.22 inches wide with a screen-to-body ratio of 88.3%. However, the supported screen resolution is only HD + or 1520 × 720 pixels.

Realme3 Full Display

Dewdrop model bangs in Realme 3 look more comfortable than standard bangs models. The bangs area is used to embed front camera components, light sensors and proximity sensors. This bangs also makes the bezel on the top of the smartphone can be thinner than the bezel on the bottom.

On the back of Realme 3 there are 2 rear cameras, a flash light, a fingerprint scanner sensor, and a Realme logo that is vertically pinned. On the right there is a Power button while the part on the left there are 2 SIM card slots and 1 microSD card as well as the volume button.

At the bottom of the smartphone there are speaker holes, a microUSB 2.0 port, and a 3.5mm audio jack port. There are no physical navigation buttons at all in Realme 3 because the navigation buttons are virtual in shape so that the size of the bezel can be thin.


Realt 3 AnTuTu Geekbench

In the hardware sector, Realme entrusts it to the MediaTek Helio P60 Octa-core 2 GHz chipset with 12nm process technology for the Realme 3 runway kitchen. This chipset is claimed to be 15% more power efficient than the previous generation 14nm process technology chipset.

Combined with 4GB RAM, Realme 3 is able to run various applications smoothly even though it is run in multitasking. The application transition process also looks smooth when multitasking.

Realme 3 can also play popular games such as Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Garena Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile smoothly. The Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends and Garena Free Fire games can be played smoothly in the highest graphic settings.

For the PUBG Mobile game, it can be played with HD graphics settings and the performance is smooth. All these popular games can be played with the High Frame Rate setting to smooth the animation in the game.

So that the performance of Realme 3 becomes more powerful when playing games, Realme provides Realme Game Space features that can improve game performance and also function to collect games that have been installed on smartphones.

In AnTuTu testing, Realme 3 managed to get a high score which reached 133,557 points. This score is arguably higher compared to other smartphones that use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Octa-core chipset. For the Geekbench score, Realme scores 1,423 for Single-core and 5,092 for Multi-core.


Real Port 3

Realme 3 is equipped with a large capacity battery that reaches 4230 mAh. This large capacity battery is combined with the CorePilot 4.0 system on the HeliT P60 MediaTek chipset to encourage the efficient use of battery power.

For daily activities that use a variety of applications such as chatting, social ne2rking, surfing the web to occasionally play games, Realme 3 can last for 21 hours 20 minutes from 100% to 15% critical point. When tested using the PCMark battery testing application, Realme gets an endurance score of 11 hours 4 minutes.

With this experiment prove that Realme 3 has a long battery life and can pass through daily activities without the need to recharge the battery all day. However, the battery charging time of this smartphone is quite long, it takes 2 hours 40 minutes from 0% to 100% batteries.


Realm 3 Dual Cam

This smartphone is equipped with 2 rear cameras that have a combination of a 13MP primary camera (f / 1.8 aperture) and a 2MP secondary camera and a Flash light that can produce photos properly.

Meanwhile, there is an AI Scene Recognition feature that allows the default camera application to recognize 16 scenes or scenes and 100 scene combinations so that the resulting photo has a good composition.

Interestingly, the default camera application from Realme 3 presents 2 features called Chroma Boost and Nightscape. Chroma Boost itself is a feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to optimize certain colors in the photo so that it looks brighter and more attractive.

While Nightscape is a feature with the help of AI that can make photos in low light conditions or at night becomes brighter and sharper. There is even an increase in image quality in low light compared to images using the Auto mode.

When I use Nightscape mode, even the light can be isolated so that the glow is not excessive. In contrast to using the Auto mode which shows excessive luminescence.

Chroma Boost and Nightscape features are able to make Realme 3 users can produce satisfying photos, both in daytime and nighttime conditions.

Turning to the front, Realme 3 is equipped with a 13MP selfie camera (aperture f / 2.0) which is able to produce selfie or wefie photos with smooth and bright faces thanks to the SelfiePro algorithm that is present in the default camera application capable of recognizing 296 face points.

Furthermore, the default camera application Realme 3 also has a Portrait feature that allows the front camera and rear camera to be able to produce bokeh (background blur) neatly and instantly.

Rear Camera (Daytime)


Chroma Boost


Chroma Boost


Chroma Boost


ChromaBoost Stone
Chroma Boost

Rear Camera (Nighttime)

Normal Light








Rear Camera (Bokeh)


Normal Bokeh2


Fingerprint and Face Unlock

Realm 3 Fingerprint

Realme 3 is equipped with a fingerprint scanner sensor located on the back. The position of the scanner is easily reached by a fingerprint. The scanner is able to detect my fingerprint quickly to unlock the smartph1.

Like the average of other Android smartphones, Realme 3 only allows a maximum of 5 different fingerprints to be registered in it. In addition to unlocking smartphones, this sensor can also be used to open applications that support fingerprint scanners.

If the finger is dirty, you can use an alternative unlock with the Face Unlock feature. This feature is able to recognize faces quickly even in low light conditions. Realme 3 only allows one face to be registered on this one feature.

Color OS 6.0


Compared to the previous generation operating system, Color OS 6.0 based on Android 9 Pie has a more colorful interface and attractive icon design.

By default, Colos OS 6.0 in Realme 3 will offer a homescreen display with Drawer Mode which will save installed applications in Drawer. But for those who are accustomed to without Drawer or the application installed directly on the homescreen, can activate the Standard Mode feature available in Realme 3.

The Virtual Realme 3 navigation button by default consists of Back and Home only. To open the display application that has just been used, a rather unique method is needed, which is to make a gesture upward movement from the bottom of the screen. This navigation button can be changed in position and the Recent App button can even be displayed.

Color OS 6.0 also presents a variety of features that make it easy for users to access functions and applications in Realme 3 just by gesturing finger movements on the screen. One example is sweeping the screen from the top down with 3 tight fingers can activate the screenshot function.

If you have more than one social media account, there is a Clone App feature that allows you to duplicate an application so that there will be 2 applications or games in one Realme 3 smartphone but with a different account.


Realm 3 Logo

Realme 3 has the advantage of long battery life and combined with powerful performance. The ability of the front and rear cameras are good both insufficient light and low light conditions.

While the unibody design displayed on this smartphone makes it feel slim when held and the color gradation of Radiant Blue makes Realme 3 look charming.

However, fingerprints are easily imprinted on the back of the body and also the charging time of the battery from Realme 3 is quite long.