He bathroom It is also a home space that deserves to be remodeled from time to time, so it is always good to take your time and look for the best accessories to give it your personal, modern and elegant touch. One of the most important pieces is the curtain of the shower, since it is one of the elements that is most obvious when we use the bathroom. That is why here we show you some options of original and colorful curtains that will completely change the appearance of your toilet.

1. Shower curtain with metal hooks

A fabric curtain with metal eyelets reinforced that has a sober design that will serve to give an elegant touch to the appearance of your bathroom. It is made with superior quality materials and its strong hooks provide firmness.

That water proof and totally waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about getting the floor wet or the print deteriorating.

2. Premium quality curtain with abstract design

This curtain is from premium qualityIt has an abstract design and is made of thick water-resistant fabric with stainless metal eyelets and an upper head that is ideal for giving a sophisticated touch to the bathroom.

This curtain is long lasting and does not deteriorates or fades despite use, it can also be machine washed with cold water.

3. Quality polyester piece waterproof

It is a waterproof curtain with a particular bohemian design and minimalist retro style. It is made with a weaving technique that interweave delicate polyester threads which provide a lot of character and personality.

It is a very attractive piece visually, safe and prevents water from splashing out of the shower thanks to its bottom hem. This curtain prevents splashing outside of the shower.

4. Design of purple lotus

A beautiful and elegant piece with purple lotus design made with fabrics raincoats. Its soft texture makes it easy to clean and wash, it is also equipped with 12 metal eyelets and 12 plastic hooks.

This curtain is resistant and has the exact measurements to adapt to showers of standard size. It has a simple and modern concept that provides tranquility, elegance and harmony with the environment.

5. Fabric curtain with orange tone

It is a durable, strong, waterproof polyester polyester curtain with nice texture touch. It has an elegant and modern orange design, it is also equipped with 12 stainless steel washers and 12 hooks.

With this curtain design you can renew the space more intimate of your home, giving it a touch of elegance with this gradient style of simple colors and easy to combine with the rest of the bathroom decoration.