Galaxy A51 is one of 2 new smartphones that Samsung has launched in early 2020.

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As a middle-class smartphone that continues the lunge of the Galaxy A50 which is quite attractive in the past year, does the Galaxy A51 again provide a similar or better sensation?

Before talking about other things that are owned by the Galaxy A51, I need to say in advance how beautiful the design of this smartph1. For the size of a middle class smartphone, the Galaxy A51 presents a design that can be said to be very competitive with high-end smartphones.

First of all, the Galaxy A51 has a very wide screen thanks to the Infinity-O design that Samsung has been the mainstay of lately. Plus, the bezel that surrounds the screen is very thin on all four sides.

Review of Samsung Galaxy A51 Screen

It is very different from most smartphones which, although they use notch, still have a chin thick enough to make the overall design seem unbalanced.

Therefore, Samsung’s step to bring a screen design that is still suitable for use by flagship class smartphones to the Galaxy A51 needs to be appreciated. All types of activities both consuming entertainment content and surfing the internet are becoming much more comfortable because the screen feels wider.

Moreover, the Galaxy A51 does have a fairly large landscape screen reaching 6.5 inches. Fortunately the thin bezel also makes the body of this smartphone more compact despite having a relatively wide screen.

Review of Samsung Galaxy A51 Gaming

For the quality of images displayed by the screen is certainly not in question anymore. Samsung entrust their flagship Super AMOLED panel on this smartphone so that it can display sharp and bright images like in the real world.

Plus the screen has a resolution of FHD + 1080 x 2400. I dare say that you who use the Galaxy A51 will certainly not be disappointed with the quality of the screen because it will provide an extraordinary visual experience making it suitable for those of you who like watching videos on smartphones.

The Super AMOLED panel also allows Samsung to embed a finger scan sensor under the screen which is not only more practical when wanting to authenticate biometrics but also makes the Galaxy A51 look more futuristic.

Review the Samsung Galaxy A51 Rear

The beauty of this smartphone is of course not only on the front because the back is also no less interesting. This time Samsung again presents the Prism Crush design like last year’s Galaxy A series, where it looks pieces of reflective prisms that adorn the back of the smartph1.

The Galaxy A51 itself is available in three color variants, namely Black, Blue, and the one I use is White. Even so the surface design of the Prism Crush is not the main attraction of the back of the Galaxy A51, but a camera module embedded in the top left corner.

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Samsung embed four lenses at once in the rectangular shaped module. The configuration is also divided into 48MP main lens, 12MP Ultra-Wide lens, 5MP Macro lens, and 5MP depth lens.

Review of Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera

This combination allows me to take a variety of photography scenarios more flexibly because there are special lenses that have been provided for different needs. That way I can pour ideas and other creations that were previously not possible on a smartphone that only has one or 2 lenses.

At the same time, the Galaxy A51 also offers a 32MP front camera to accommodate your daily selfie and video call needs.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Rear Camera Game

Samsung Galaxy A51 Auto Robot Rear CameraAuto

Samsung Galaxy A51 48MP Rear Camera Robot48MP

Samsung Galaxy A51 Rear Crane Camera

Samsung Galaxy A51 Rear Camera Lamp

In a general scenario, the main camera of this smartphone can capture object details very well. The resulting color reproduction is fairly close to the original due to the scene optimizer.

48MP large resolution mode is an addition that needs to be welcomed. By activating this mode, the images can still be seen clearly even if the zoom is d1. As a result the photos will be easier to crop or crop without reducing the quality.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Auto Building Rear CameraAuto

Samsung Galaxy A51 Wide Rear Camera BuildingUltra-wide

The Ultra Wide 12MP camera owned by the Galaxy A51 allows taking photos at a wider angle reaching 123 °. Thanks to this lens, I can take large area photos easily.

The fisheye effect which is usually produced by a wide lens has been minimized by Samsung as much as possible so that the photo still looks natural. When compared with normal photos, it can be seen that there is an overall increase in color saturation.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Macro Rear Camera

Following the current trends, Samsung has also embedded Macro lenses that can be used when you want to take miniature or other photos from very close range.

The image quality produced by this lens is not enough to be uploaded to social media. But if it is magnified, then it will be seen that the photo loses the details that the object should have and looks a bit blurry.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Back Camera Bokeh

The effect that is increasingly common in various smartphones now seems to have managed to master Samsung well. The edges of objects can be detected properly so that the resulting effect really looks neat and natural.

Plus this Live Focus feature turns off the reflection of light in the background to give a more dramatic impression.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Rear Camera Night Shop AutoAuto

Samsung Galaxy A51 Rear Camera Night Shop NightmodeNight Mode

Samsung Galaxy A51 Rear Camera Night Home Nightmode

Samsung Galaxy A51 is equipped with a Night feature that is very helpful in taking photos at night. When this feature is active, I do have to wait a while for the photos to be completely taken and processed.

But it should be recognized the results were not disappointing. The luminescence of the lamp can be properly isolated and the resulting color is more real than using the Auto mode. Even so there is still noise appearing for areas that are very dark indeed.

32MP camera owned by a smartphone is quite sufficient. Indeed, the resulting photo has pretty good detail, but the resulting color is slightly inclined towards yellow. The front camera also offers beautify and live focus features which I feel are quite reliable,

With its many lenses, the Samsung Galaxy A51 can be a mainstay in terms of overall photography. Surely the photos produced by this smartphone are qualified to be uploaded to social media without feeling embarrassed.

Turning to the kitchen runway, initially, I saw the specifications of the Galaxy A51 on paper no more special than its current competitors. Exynos 9611 chipset which has eight cores with a maximum speed of 2.3GHz is believed to be the brain.

Samsung also buried 6GB of RAM to meet the needs of today’s multitasking and 128GB of internal storage which is already quite broad for most people. This combination has given me a comfortable and smooth everyday smartphone navigation experience.

Galaxy A51 also managed to get a score of 186,681 on AnTuTu v8 while when tested using Geekbench 5 won 344 points for Single-Core and 1,290 for Multi-Core. The figure is expected for a smartphone in the middle class with specifications like that.

Review of the Sasmung Galaxy A51 AnTuTu Geekbench

But I was quite surprised when running the PUBG Mobile game on the Galaxy A51. Who would have thought, it turns out that this smartphone can run the game made by Tencent on HDR graphics quality with Ultra Frame Rate. For you more concerned with the smoothness of animation, you can even have an Extreme Frame Rate on Smooth graphics.

Until now there are not many smartphones that can run PUBG Mobile games on HDR graphics, especially in the middle-class smartphone segment. This is because the graphics settings require a chipset that supports and performance that is not light.

Interestingly, I was able to maximize Mobile Legends game graphics to Ultra and activate HFR Mode. Despite using these high graphics, I can still enjoy every game smoothly without any disturbances such as broken or lag.

Review of the Sasmung Galaxy A51 Graphic Pubg Mobile

Therefore, the gaming capabilities of the Galaxy A51 can be said to be quite extraordinary because it can provide the quality graphics that are usually found on flagship class smartphones. Whether it’s only used in everyday life or for playing games, the Galaxy A51 can handle it easily.

When talking about performance, of course it is not afdol if it does not allude to the battery’s durability. For that Samsung entrust 4,000mAh battery as a source of life for the Galaxy A51 when it is not connected to electrical contacts.

When various vendors began to try to provide 5,000mAh batteries or at least close to that number on their middle-class smartphones, Samsung’s decision this time seemed quite unfortunate.

Review of the Sasmung Galaxy A51 Battery Test

As a result, the Galaxy A51 is only able to last for 9 hours 50 minutes with a battery capacity of that size. The actual number is more or less the same as its predecessor Galaxy A50s which also has a similar capacity.

Although the battery life of this smartphone does not meet my expectations, it can still be used at night without worrying as long as it’s not too intensive. Fortunately, again there is charging the Galaxy A51 battery is quite fast because it only takes about 1 hour 36 minutes.

If seen as a comprehensive package, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is an integrated smartphone that offers a variety of things to simplify the lives of its users. This smartphone seems to have been created in such a way as to fulfill all the desires of today’s digital generation.

Review the Samsung Galaxy A51 Port and Slot

Moreover, it also has an NFC sensor that can make digital payments faster and a microSD slot for additional storage media needs.

For myself, the Galaxy A51 is very fitting in meeting the digital needs that I do everyday. The main strength of this smartphone lies on its wide screen with a thin bezel because it will make all kinds of activities, especially watching videos very comfortable.

But for those of you who like to play games and photography also will not be disappointed with the capabilities provided by this one Samsung smartph1.