As a major player in the world of audio, Sennheiser has presented a True Wireless MOMENTUM device for those who want to enjoy a new experience.

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Some smartphone vendors have abandoned the 3.5mm jack port to provide a comprehensive wireless experience. One of the main causes is better comfort because it does not have to bother taking care of the transverse cable when listening to music or taking calls.

The MOMENTUM series line from Sennheiser itself has very good quality and is often one of the main recommendations. Then what about the True Wireless MOMENTUM which this time has no cable at all? Is it able to provide similar or even more experience?

To answer that question, here is Sennheiser True Wireless MOMENTUM review from MyBestDeal.

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Trendy and Current Designs

True Wireless MOMENTUM made by Sennheiser as the name implies is truly wireless. In contrast to wireless headsets which usually still have a transverse cable to connect the 2 earpieces, True Wireless MOMENTUM successfully removes the presence of the cable.

The 2 earpieces from MOMENTUM True Wireless present a minimalist design with a blend of black and silver with the Sennheiser logo on the outside. The design is very compatible with a travel case or a storage area covered with a layer of gray cloth which also gives a premium impression.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Design

The Travel Case uses a USB-C port to charge using the USB-C cable provided, but unfortunately it does not include a charger adapter in the sales package. The indicator light behind it will turn green as a sign that the battery capacity is full.

One thing that is very interesting in my opinion is the presence of a magnet in the travel case. That way I don’t have to bother adjusting the correct position when I want to charge the earpiece because it will stick right away as it should.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Case

The earpiece from Sennheiser True Wireless MOMENTUM itself feels very light and also not large so it is comfortable to use and does not make the ear hurt after being used for a long time continuously.

The earpiece is attached to my ear very well and stable, it doesn’t even matter if I use walking or light exercise. Even so True Wireless MOMENTUM is not recommended for heavier activities such as running or the like.

I myself still use the default earbuds that are directly installed from the factory because it already feels very fitting at all. But if it feels uncomfortable then you can replace earbuds with other sizes ranging from XS to L that have been provided in the sales package.

Problem control, wireless earphones are equipped with touch technology in both earpieces that are quite easy to use. Left and right earpieces have slightly different control functions.

The right earpiece can be used to receive phone calls or voice assistants with one tap, reject phone calls or activate the Transparent Hearing feature with a double tap, and increase the volume by holding.

As for the left earpiece, it is used to play or stop a song with one tap, play the next song with 2 taps, play the previous song with three taps, and lower the volume by holding it down.

Sennheiser Small True Wireless MOMENTUM

This touch method is fairly easy, but to adjust the volume a little less consistently to be able to get the appropriate volume because when the earpiece is held sometimes the volume increases too high or vice versa than I want.

True Wireless MOMENTUM made by Sennheiser has also received an IPX4 rating, which means it is resistant to splashes of water so it should not be a problem if exposed to sweat.

Overall I really like the design that Sennheiser presents in this wireless earph1. The minimalist design that is trendy and most importantly is a convenience that is second to none compared to other wireless earphones I’ve tried.

Clear and Enchanting Audio

As a device presented by Sennheiser which is a well-known brand in the world of audio, the sound quality that is produced will certainly be satisfying. It’s still not equivalent to Sennheiser premium headphones like the HD 800 S, but it’s already very capable

True Wireless MOMENTUM is able to present crystal clear sound in low, mid and high frequencies. Every musical instrument sounds very clear and smooth, everything sounds balanced. Likewise for vocals from singers, I can hear accurately every word spoken.

These wireless earphones deliver very natural sound making it suitable for use in listening to all types of music. There is no excessive bass and instruments that feel flat and pile up.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Phone

The right earpiece is the main device so when it is released the connection will be temporarily delayed. The range of Bluetooth 5 provided is also quite far, I can keep listening to music smoothly without any synchronization problems within a distance of 20 meters.

Plus this one Sennheiser earphone already supports Qualcomm aptX and aptX Low Latency to be able to enjoy higher quality music content.

Since I am a gamer, I also had the chance to use True Wireless MOMENTUM to play games that have Binaural Audio. The game is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Resident Evil 2.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless RE2

Although not intended for gaming, but these earphones are still able to draw me into the game world because I can hear clearly every sound effect coming from. Coupled with a minimalist design makes me feel more immersive because it’s like not using earphones.

In addition to quality audio, MOMENTUM True Wireless also features several additional features. One of them is Tranparent Hearing which is useful when it must remain aware of the environment such as in public transportation. I myself do not feel too much difference when activating the feature, but there is no harm in being activated if needed.

Concerning battery life, Sennheiser keeps on thinking that this wireless earphone can last for 4 hours of use plus the travel case is able to fully charge twice. That means these earphones can be used for a maximum of 12 hours. Sound notifications will appear when the battery is low when in use or the user can also check it themselves through the Smart Control application.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Smart Controls

For my personal needs, the MOMENTUM True Wireless travel case I only need to charge every 2 days because I usually listen to music for about 1-2 hours in one session. Therefore I am not worried about running out of battery in the middle of the day because these earphones are able to pass through my daily needs easily.

Occasionally I also use this earphone to play games for more than 3 hours without problems. So Sennheiser’s claim about the battery life capability of MOMENTUM True Wireless is true. To fill in the power of the traver case itself takes approximately 1.5 hours to full.


Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless is undoubtedly an almost perfect wireless audio device. Compared to other wireless earphones I’ve tried, this device from Sennheiser bulldozes everything in various segments.

Premium design that is very contemporary, comfortable to use, and quality audio is the mainstay of this wireless earph1. True Wireless MOMENTUM is able to provide a truly cordless music listening experience.

There are indeed a number of things that can still be improved if Sennheiser releases its successors such as more accurate touch controls or a travel case that can store even more batteries. Even so, MOMENTUM True Wireless as a whole presents all the things that I want on a wireless earphone device.

The easy pairing process and excellent Bluetooth connectivity make it able to connect to all types of devices. Even I can use it to play games on the computer to get a more immersive experience.

For those who want to try the experience of listening to music wirelessly or who are looking for wireless earphones, the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless is certain to make you not want to go back to using conventional earphones.