The need for surveillance cameras, especially for residences so that they can always see the situation directly is increasingly needed.

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At present there are already quite a variety of products to choose from on the market, one of which is the PROLiNK Smart IP Camera PIC3002WN which already supports Full HD 1080p resolution images.

After trying it directly, here is my opinion about PROLiNK PIC3002WN.

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The design

PIC3002WN from PROLiNK has a fairly small size with a height of only 8 cm and a weight that reaches 55 grams. That way it won’t take too much space wherever the device wants to be paired.


At the front there is the main camera, microphone hole to record ambient sound, photo sensors, and LED lights as indicators. Turning to the back there are speakers that dominate most of the back, power input, microSD slot for storage, and reset buttons to return to factory settings.


Overall the body is made of plastic that feels quality with a white doff wrap. The bottom has a magnet that can be used to attach the PIC3002WN to the iron plate that has been provided so that it can be installed more stable.

This method is somewhat unique because it allows the camera to be rotated easily if you want to capture other areas. This also makes the PIC3002WN easy to move to other places because of easier access to nuts.


However, this very attractive design must be slightly hampered because the neck hinges of the PIC3002WN can only be moved up or down about 90 degrees and cannot be rotated left or right. That way it will be a little difficult to get the optimal viewing angle.


PROLiNk PIC3002WN is an IP Camera device that is very easy to use. All camera operations are carried out through the PROLiNK mCam application, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones.

In the purchase package there is a card that has been provided to facilitate installation. I just need to scan the QR Code on the card using PROLiNK mCam and the camera is automatically ready to use immediately after a successful connection sounds. Of course smartphones and cameras are on the same WiFi ne2rk.

Compared to some other IP Camera devices that I have tried, the PIC3002WN from PROLiNK is the easiest and shortest in the installation category. There were no obstacles at all that I found both in terms of the camera and application.

If the camera has been used before and does not know the old password, then simply pressing the reset button for 5 seconds to restore it to factory settings. Then just repeat the installation process again.


One of the advantages of PROLiNK PIC3002WN is that it supports Full HD 1080p resolution with a 110 degree viewing angle to provide clearer and wider images. That way users can see in more detail what is happening in the monitoring area.

It has to be admitted that the quality of images captured during the day is pretty good, exceeding my expectations. I can still see quite clearly the face of someone passing outside the fence.

PIC3002WN PROLIFY Daytime Vision

At night, the device mode will automatically change from Daylight View to Night View. That way I can still see the location of the watch quite clearly in pitch dark conditions. Indeed the picture looks refined, but I can still see the details of the object quite well.


The image quality itself can be changed to Low, Medium and High. Trying all three, I did not really see the difference that is too far between Medium and High while in Low quality visible lines on the edges of objects. Overall the three picture modes are still a bit broken but it is quite clear for IP Camera devices in this class.

The picture also does not have a delay or a very long pause, maybe only about 0.5 seconds when I try. The length of the pause will certainly change depending on the quality of the selected image and the ne2rk used. Judging from all that, in my opinion Medium image quality is the most optimal to choose.

From the manufacturer, PIC3002WN brought firmware version To be able to use Motion Detection or motion detection, I must first update the firmware to version, otherwise the feature cannot be used.

PROLiNK PIC3002WN Motion Detection

The update process is fairly easy because it only needs to choose the firmware update menu through the application after installation is complete. But of course this is a bit of a disadvantage because you have to do an update first to be able to use all the features available.

After updating the firmware, the Motion Detector feature works very well. I immediately get a notification on my smartphone when there is movement detected. Detection sensitivity level can also be adjusted so that movements can be adjusted as to what new notifications will be sent.

This PIC3002WN can be used in one WiFi ne2rk or through the internet without having to create an account first. This can be its own advantages because it simplifies the installation process or shortcomings because it is not bound in an account if you want to replace the smartph1.

Unfortunately PIC3002WN does not support access through web pages to facilitate monitoring when using a computer or laptop.


The PIC3002WN PROLiNK relies on the mCam application to be used maximally and change various settings. Overall this application is very easy to use and not complicated for all people.

In the main menu, users will be immediately presented with a list of devices that are already connected. Selecting one of these lists images will appear recorded from the camera in real time or directly.

PROBLEM PIC3002WN Settings

There are several features that can be activated while looking at the camera such as taking pictures, recording videos that will be stored on a smartphone, using a microphone to talk, or listening to the voice directly from the location. Not much different from IP cameras in general.

PIC30002WN also has a feature to record automatically whether scheduled or continuously 24 hours. The recording can be directly saved on the microSD that has been paired or to the Dropbox cloud storage service.

In this application, users can also rotate images 180 degrees which is useful if the device is installed upside down. In addition, users can choose the frame rate to 50 Hz or 60 Hz so that it can be adjusted to the compatibility of other devices you have.


PROLiNK Smart IP Camera PIC3002WN is an IP Camera device that has been very qualified to meet the needs of users who want to monitor the state of a location. Already supporting Full HD resolution is its main advantage because it is able to provide clear images which is certainly very important if you want to know what is happening with certainty.

Indeed the design makes the PIC30002WN less flexible in terms of placement to get a good perspective. Hinges that can only go up and down limit how the camera should be positioned. Fortunately with the mirroring feature still allows the camera to be installed in an upside down position.

The user interface of the PROLiNK application is very easy to understand so that ordinary users do not need to worry about confusion. Features that are also presented are somewhat diverse, although not too much ranging from 2-way communication to automatic recording. That way the PROLiNK PIC30002WN is suitable for users who want to try IP Camera devices or home users.