In this week of Black Friday there are discounts on thousands of products and women’s jewelry, it is not far behind as there are many discounts and offers. In our search we find rings, necklaces and bracelets ideal to wear them at university, work or a very important event. These discounts can vary, since many are for a limited time, so if you see jewelry that you like, do not hesitate to buy it. They are also an excellent option to give to your partner, friends, daughters and even grandmothers.

1. White gold heart necklace and earrings

A beautiful heart-shaped necklace wrapped in angel wings. It is plated in 18 carat white gold. Includes earrings of the same design. There are different colors, but not all are on sale. This set It has a 15% discount.

2. A wedding, engagement or anniversary ring

Celebrate an anniversary? Are you thinking about what to give your partner? This is a ring, very minimalist, but with a touch of elegance. It is made of 40% gold, with diamonds. There are other designs and even size may vary in discount price. The offer ranges from 15% to $ 20 discount.

3. Silver bracelet with the infinity symbol

This bracelet has the infinity symbol, in a silver color with a small Swarovski crystal pendant. This bracelet can be an excellent complement to any outfit. Remember not to put perfume on your jewelry as this can spoil it. It has a 54% discount.

4. Gold color earrings does not matter if your ear is not pierced

If you have pierced ears or not, you can wear these pretty gold colored earrings. They are clip on, so it will be easy to use without hurting your skin. They are a good size, so collect your hair to show them off. Have 16% discount in this week of Black Friday.

5. Bracelet to motivate you every day

This stainless steel bracelet is an excellent reminder every day that you should never give up. Although obstacles can be difficult, you must believe in yourself. It is a very simple bracelet, but with a powerful message. A gift for friends, for your daughters or for yourself. Have 23% discount.

6. Pearl necklace with gold clasp

If yours is more classic. This is a white pearl necklace has a 14k gold clasp. It is a beautiful set, to wear with a suit or a dress. These white pearls are of fresh water, without a doubt an extraordinary quality. Have 15% discount, the discounts may vary according to the length you choose.

7. .925 silver butterfly necklace

If you love butterflies, this necklace will be a beautiful accessory. It is a .925 silver necklace. It is hypoallergenic, it does not have materials like lead or nickel. It is an ideal butterfly necklace to wear it with a neckline blouse. Have a final discount of 21% discount.

8. Gold colored necklace of 2 different lengths

These necklaces are fashionable and so simple, but they stand out a lot. It is a necklace that has 2 different lengths. This one has a full moon design. It is made of 14K Gold Plated. This week of Black Friday has a 22% discount.

9. Stars and moons in a necklace to wear during the day and throughout the night

And, for lovers of the moon and stars. This necklace has a chain with silver stars and the pendant is a moon. It has a minimalist design, very avant-garde, ideal for women of any age. Have a 15% discount.