Are you looking for new tools for your home or car? You’re in luck in Amazon You will be able to find many offers of the best tools to repair everything you propose.

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1. Nail Gun Metabo HPT

If you love to build things around the home, then a nail gun can make your task that much easier. It is made of aluminum and is wireless, offering more comfort. Currently, it has a 44% discount with a price of $ 49.98.

2. Drill and nail gun Workpro

If you’re looking for a new feller in addition to a nail gun, this cordless tool combo is ideal. They include a comfortable bag to keep them at home or carry them in your car. For his 38% current discount, this combo is priced at $ 49.99.

3. Tool box and drill Letton

With 60 pieces and a 16.8 Vot cordless feller, this Letton combo is ideal for any home and has the basic tools. Count with one 15% discount, which leaves its current price at $ 59.49.

4. Tool box Dekopro

The Dekopro Toolbox has 158 pieces so you can repair anything in your home or car. Currently has a 15% discount and a final price of $ 50.99, but you can also choose the option of 208 or 258 pieces.

5. Tool box Crescent

Offering 170 pieces, this toolbox is the one It has a greater discount in the guide, with a 66% discount and a final price of $ 70.49. Also, you can buy the options of 30 or 84 pieces if you want something smaller.

6. Tire repair kit Autown

This is a kit to always carry in your car, since it is specially designed to repair tires of any vehicle, with its 75 included parts. Have a current 15% discount and a price of $ 21.98.