A smart home within your pocket.

If you already feel that Alexa makes your life easier, then you will love these Echo products. Today for the Amazon Prime Day you can find Echo devices and different accessories so you can enjoy a smart home at a low price.

1. Echo second generation speaker with 50% off

Connected with Alexa, the Echo speaker It is very useful in any environment of the house since with it you can make calls, set music, set alarms, search for information and control other smart devices, instantly. With Threw out you can make use of the more than 50,000 functions it has Alexa, and that every day they increase more. Get this Echo speaker with a price of $ 49.99 just for today in dark gray color or also in light grey.

2. Echo kit and Philips bulbs with 40% discount

In this kit you can find a Echo speaker second generation and two Philips smart bulbsone in white and one that changes color only for $ 149.98. With the Echo speaker you can enjoy one of the many functions that Alexa has, and thanks to the technology of the phillips bulbs with it you can also control the lights in the rooms of your home. Thus, you can ask Alexa to turn the lights on or off, regulate the intensity and even choose the color of the lighting. You can find this kit with the Echo speaker in light gray or in dark gray too.

3. Speaker Echo Dot for $ 22

This is the Echo speaker model more compact and innovative, with a simple design that adapts very well to any environment. With a 56% discount you can have this speaker that allows you to access all the features that Alexa provides, in White color or black.

4. Pack Echo Show, Echo Dot and Philips bulb with 46% discount

In this pack you get the accessory Echo Show second generation a Echo Dot third generation and a Philips smart bulb by $ 159.99 for today only. The accessory Echo Show It consists of a 10.1 ” screen and high-quality rear speakers, which allow you to watch videos, play music, read books and more, from the platform Prime Video. It is connected to Alexa and has 8 microphones, making it a efficient accessory that will help you in multiple tasks.

5. Echo Plus + smart plug Amazon for $ 109.99

The Echo Plus speaker second generation and the amazon smart plug It allows you, in addition to accessing all the functions of Alexa, to control your electronic devices at home. With a 37% discount, you can easily control a lamp, fan, coffee maker and other appliances in a very simple way. Echo Plus It is available in three colors: black, Gray or White.

6. Speaker Echo Kids for $ 44.99

A special edition from Alexa for the children of the house, with 36% discount. This speaker Echo Dot Kids It is compact and has two versions: Light Blue or multicolored, and is specifically designed to entertain and help your children. Connects with kid-friendly content, with many shows, series and books available. Is a fully customizable model, allowing parents to limit their use and exclude certain content from the reach of children.