An option with great properties and benefits for healthy weight loss.

Originally from the Mediterranean region, the artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. Scolymus) is now cultivated worldwide. It is very rich in fiber and allows a better digestion of fats in order to eliminate them from the body. Artichoke is a vegetable It is used for tea, as a powder, and as part of other supplements, which you can incorporate into your daily diet.

We all know how difficult it is for us to lose at least a few pounds. We tried hundreds of diets and even went hungry trying to achieve our goal. But actually, to lose weight effectively and be healthyWhat it is about is eating a little better and changing your eating habits and lifestyle. For this reason, we share with you the subject of artichokes. Artichokes have a lot of fiber, and extremely important minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium and others vitamins, which together will help you lose weight effectively.

See how you can consume the artichoke:

1. Jarrow formula in supplement:

Supports the metabolism of the liver and cholesterol. Artichoke has excelled in traditional medicine philosophies as a promoter of digestion and a support for liver and gallbladder function. It is known to contain a wide range of bioactive components including luteolin, cinnaroside (luteolin-7-O-glucoside), apigenin, inulin, and caffeoylquinic acids such as chlorogenic acid and cinnarin.

The health benefits of artichoke result in the confluence of many assets rather than the effects of just This artichoke supplement supports many areas of health, such as liver support, bile production and cardiovascular strength, as well as cholesterol management to maintain a healthy weight.

2. Tea Artichoke:

The Tea from the Artichoke line of artichoke products It is yet another support for your weight control efforts and to provide you with the excellent benefits that the antioxidants of artichoke provide to your health. Contains ingredients considered antioxidants such as red, green and white tea.

Artichoke tea is yet another supplement in the GN + Vida Artichoke line. Due to its thermogenic properties, it helps you burn fat, thanks to the combination of its natural herbs. It is highly recommended to treat the problem of high cholesterol and hypertension. With the diet of the artichoke, a diuretic effect is achieved, which is also good for diseases that improve with the elimination of water, such as uric acid. It is within the Top 10 best sellers on Amazon.

3. Ampoules From Artichoke:

Artichoke ampoules is one of the best known formulas of artichoke extract, apple cider vinegar, vitamins and amino acids to improve digestion and reduce bloating. Artichoke extract is an excellent source of antioxidants with many other health benefits. These vials offer a source of vitamins and minerals dispensed in carefully opened, easy-to-open glass jars that preserve the purity of the glass. This pack of 30 glass vials offers a daily supply of Artichoke for a month.

If you are pregnant, lactating, under medical care or treatment, or taking any medications, consult your doctor before using this and any other dietary supplement. In no case should the contents of the ampoules be injected. Available on Amazon for less than $ 30.

3. Linseed Artichoke powder:

The artichoke flaxseed It comes as a powder to mix with your favorite foods or drinks. It comes in a 1 pound package, for daily use.

It is an excellent power source, fiber, which helps fight diabetes, helps level blood pressure, helps lose weight, and helps improve blood circulation.